build a duck punt – the best fun an old man can have lying down

clearly canoe sailing is increasingly popular

but canoes are designed to paddle – not to sail

port meadow stills1236


now that I have owned and sailed a duck punt for a year I feel genuinely sorry for the canoe sailor who has to contrive leeboards and rudders

I have tested the purity of the hard chine and oar

I know what it is to gently heel the boat and feel it come up towards the wind

port meadow stills0691


steering the boat with the smallest movement of a leg

I have also experienced the pleasure of fine reaching in four inches of water

and felt the bow wave lift me over a sandy spit.

I have even enjoyed paddling occasionally

so lads….



Duck punting is the best fun an old bloke can have on his back

you can build a three 6mm sheet punt using 1×2 for all the other timbers for under $150

you can assemble one in 18 hours using cascamite and self driving screws

buy an opti training rig for $150

or borrow one

by next weekend you could be a duck punter

load it onto the roof of your car

become the envy of your friends

no-one has ever kicked sand in the face of a duck punter

but don’t take my word for it

believe this brilliant boat builders

believe these hard drinking East Coast sailors

believe bill

this boat designer

utterly free plans here

Here are some pdfs of the plans courtesy of the Duck Punters of West Mersea.


the Supreme Punter




tim marchetti 01 render punt

julian 12 IMAGE_00110






duck punt 02_103757

duck punt 02_103420



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4 Responses to “build a duck punt – the best fun an old man can have lying down”

  1. 5 February, 2013 at 6:59 pm Rusty Knorr says:

    Well, I got a pic in at least! My punt is done and I have had it on the water twice so far. Brilliant little boats! Build one folks, you won’t be sorry!!! -Rusty
    Builders blog (with crappy video) at

  2. 20 March, 2013 at 4:15 pm michael greenwood says:

    can anyone sell me decent sized plans of the Mersey duck punt . have tried printing them off the screen but they are illegible. help will be very welcome as I am stuck. will reply with address and phone number

    • 20 March, 2013 at 4:23 pm dylan winter says:

      if you download the pdfs and take them into your local print shop they will run off A3 versions for you at a very low price

  3. 2 September, 2013 at 4:44 pm mike greenwood says:

    Thanks Dylan I got plans from that lovely man in the Shell Bungalow.Regads Mike

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