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Home build pirate ship

J class spinnaker drop

Havasu cancellation sadness

Sad news from Arizona Gang, I’m sorry to relay to you that we are going to have to pull the plug on planning the 2015 HPCC. The event has grown so large that it demands certain things to pull it off. There are also time constraints with regards to permitting that must be adhered to. […]

stabilisation or not

video stablisation software – freemans

Ricardo Martin Day

strood punters

It’s not KTL

Admiring Arthur’s Oars

“If you are considering single kabes and square loomed oars, use hard wood sklets to take the wear.”   this a quote from a thread here http://forum.woodenboat.com/showthread.php?181290-Show-us-your-thole-pins-and-are-they-as-good-as-rowlocks-for-a-Thames-Skiff the worrying thing is that I understood the sentence even though it has three new-to-me words in it            

Punt Build Plan

Small Aussie Boat

Flook! a flying anchor

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