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Westerly Centaur – the best small yacht in the world – probably

Silhouette snapper Bob said “well I have been rewarded”

Rich the Swift sailor from Wales says “fill the gaps with KTL”

Wet Washington yawl sailor Steve says – “worth a can of anti-foul”

Chuffed Essex Slug Sailor Richard (aged 59) says “warm socks”

Herresoff Mike from Puget Sound says “Even my wife, Kathy, is hooked”

“Tight Bollixes” says Centaur Sailor Walter Scott (aged 58) of Kazakhstan and then said “Fcuk me.I just found a tenner in my arse pockett

Acts of uber altruism

Bed Bound Polytarp Gazza from Australia says “spread the word”

“oh no” says Malcolm – cape cutter 19

MB from Carlingford says “keep blessing us”

Hi Dylan thanks for email. Sorry for pitiful £5 end of month and all that Its like they say in the song you never know what you got till its gone Pease keep blessing us with your company and never dull outings. MB Carlingford  

Glenn’s UK Circumnavigation in a Centaur – he says “small chip”

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