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The web has changed since I started this journey in 2008. For the first couple of years subscriptions, downloads  and adsense revenue to the website went a long way towards funding the project to film,  narrate, photograph and write about this remarkable little maritime nation.

Then those died and for about three years selling the DVDs was the main source of revenue.  Now we have all stopped buying DVDs and started streaming in HD  for free I have had to change again.

Under each film you will now see a paypal donate button – at the moment about one in 20 films watched gets a donation – very generous of you blokes. It will all go into the magic boat pot which empties as fast as I can fill it.

Pay what you like – or nothing at all if you are not in the mood. The marginal cost of getting the film from a google or vimeo server to your desktop is zero. I am pleased you enjoyed them.



pay what you like in dollars


pay what you like


If you wish you can use your paypal login page, find a send money tab and send the money to my email dylanwinter2@virgin.net


A bit of Background



For  those who do not know me I am a 60 year old hack.

My job is the same as it was 35 years ago. Go somewhere, see something, talk to some-one and report back on it. I started in print, then radio

with the hack series




 and then to tosh on  BBC TV.  I started to get a bit long in the tooth for  TV presenting out in the wilds. Old  round and wrinkly  so the work went to people who were easier on the eye. Nothing wrong with that I might add.

At one time  video was made by large teams of people using hundreds of thousands of £s worth of gear  and broadcast through the ether into the homes the the millions who watched whatever was given to them.

Then the number of channels started to increase.  The gear got cheaper,  the teams got smaller and the fees per hour broadcast got lower. I became what they used to call a single banger  a bloke who does it all fix, shoot, film edit. I went through a pretty good period flogging rufty tufty films to the satellite channels.  All this time I was a small boat sailor.

I have sailed all my life – I cannot remember not having a boat of some sort. I started this journey back in 2008 squeezing it in between proper jobs. Like the Johnny Cash song – one bit at a time – I set out to slowly explore this wonderful 20,000 mile long coastline


Being a cameraman,  I shot what I saw and  reported on what I was doing and bunged it up on youtube where it looked soupy and horrible but sailors started watching it.


Clearly old blokes with small boats poking up rivers wanted to watch another old bloke doing the same thing.

I burned a few sailing DVDs for the bandwidth challenged and people started buying them.

At the time I was doing pretty well out of youtube – occasionally hitting $800 a month from the more common youtube fare of trucks and weird stuff

18 million hits



and wildlife  – one million


I have now had well over 30 million hits on yout tube – usually worth between $1 and $3.50 a thousand in adsense revenue.

Then I got thrown out of adsense for making too much money/getting the wrong sort of hits.

That was a bit of a blow but I am freelance – revenue sources come and go.

I am used to that

But the youtube films were driving people to the website where MOBs bought the DVDs and I was able to sail more and do lesswork on corporates or conferences.

With the DVDs I was getting £15 a set – four hours of real sailing delight  – two disks.  Post and packing and repro was £5.

I was getting £2.50 for each hour viewed.

Then,  bandwidth improved and Netflix arrived so we all stopped buying DVDs.

It is all streaming for free straight to our giant HD tellies.

There are  lots of sailing films on the web. Some are beautifully produced


340,000 hits – worth around $500 in adsense revenue.  Barely covers the electricity bill for the editing suite let alone the time and cost of the gear.

There are other excellent sailing series

There is this couple sailing from Hawaii to Alaska


these are great films and you learn some marvelous things – such as what it is like to be evicted from a decaying residential pontoon in Hawaii and how to make sheet to tiller steering work

There is also Drake Paragon


He is a world girdling sailor who crosses oceans and reports in a witty calm way about his experiences.



Then there is this lot – 52 foot yacht and swedish girls in bikinis




These people think pretty carefully about the best way of telling their story. But even with their oceans, clear water, pretty girls and big boats they get just 45,000 youtube hits a films so the   $45 from asdsense goes nowhere.

However, for you blokes,  who like to ferret around the creeks and backwaters of this planet there is still only me.

I have been a freelance for three decades – we have a saying. Bosses are like London buses – another will be along in a minute.

So I am used to revenue streams coming and going.

With freestreaming I was left with a problem. For years I resisted the donate buttons. It felt like a begging bowl but I have reconciled myself to them. I find myself working for and responding directly to the MOBs who tap the paypal button or send me cash.  That is a whole lot better than them buying a magazine full of advertising or a youtube film surrounded with adverts for stair lifts.

So far the winter storage, the insurance, a replacement camera and a fair chunk of the summer petrol bills have been paid by the paypal taps.  Jolly good chaps and I am really very grateful to you.