The paid for parts of are available for a three month subscription of $4.99 through paypal – less than the price of a posh cup of coffee. If you do not have paypal you can use a credit card through their site or send me your email and I will make up a subscription for you in return for a promise to send a check or cash eventually.

I’m a member!

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You may already be back in…. due to a web weirdness ….. so try watching a film and see if it comes up – the machine might know more than either of us. If you are still having problems send me an emails and I will sort them out….D

The simplest way of  accessing the films is to click on the paypal button  and follow the instructions.

You do not need to be signed up to Paypal you can use any old credit card

Follow the instructions, choose a password and login name  and within a couple of minutes the system will send you a confirmation and you will able to join the journey – watch out in case it goes into your junk mail folder – 1000 subscribers to date – no-one has ever asked for their money back

But if anyone ever did  ask – even if they have downloaded and kept all the films on their hard drive to watch later then I am very happy to send the paypal money winging back to them.

and you don’t get an offer like that every day.


There are two other ways though – you can send me an email – promising to stick £5 or $5 in the post to

Dylan Winter,

23, Botyl Road,

Botolph Claydon


Bucks MK18 2LP

and I will sign you up –


If you enter Amazon via that weblink on the top right hand corner KTL gets a referral fee – its between two and five per cent of whatever you spend on that visit – if from Canada or the US you have to navigate down to the bottom of the Amazon page and enter your own jurisiction at the bottom.