A Hearty Welcome



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I extend a hearty welcome to youtubists driven here by a cheap ruse and a desire to see what happens next.

Here is the forwards version - the mirror image of the film that sent you from youtube.

I apologise for the inconvenience and the two extra clicks

although there is a good chance you have gone already

But before you go back to youtube ..... hold on a second please

 You obviously like the films enough to have clicked the link - mumbling dark thoughts to yourself as you are dragged away from the  undemanding feckless familiarity of youtube.

Let us consider it to be one small step for an MOB - one giant leap for the project.

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Please don't watch these films on a phone or tablet or even a small computer screen. Please don't try listening to the audio through speakers the size of a grain of rice. Please don't complain about the audio balance when you are hearing through really equipment.

It would be great for both of us if you could make an effort to see my films on a decent sized TV with half decent speakers - otherwise I might just as well have shot it on a go pro, got a  tanned winch grinding bikini wearing wench to jiggle alluringly to a soundtrack by Enya.

If you want to enjoy this film at its fragrant best then download it for free here. This is the file as it came off my editing computer.

You can then open it with your browser and cast it to your telly in the normal way - no hangs, no buffering, best audio, no extra compression.

It will look and sound marvelous on your big telly.

To see it on a sub 12 inch tablet with the sound coming from downfacing peanut speakers that force me to shout shout into your crotch is a bit of an insult to a beautifully filmed island.

Headphones are not as good as proper speakers. Never have been... never will be.

Just my opinion - feel free to hold alternative ones.

I quite understand that you like youtube - I do too. Man they deliver bandwidth. Even with me, given a choice between clicking on a youtube film or one from vimeo, then I too would rather have the youtube one because I know that it will come from a server near to me. They are brilliant at what they do.

although even their best friends would say that their interpersonal skills could do with some refreshment.

They now own every minute of KTL - now and as far forwards as I can see into the future of this project. I make films, they brand them as mash-ups which they grab for themselves and then sell space against them  - and put not a brass farthing into the project. Water under the bridge though.

This is the wittily hypothecated paypal button - please feel free to ignore it if you are a bit short at the moment or not feeling in the mood - watch the film or a hundred of them first then see how you feel about the button.  It buys you absolutely nothing at all other than a warm fuzzy feeling that comes from contributing in some way to KeepTurningLeft - a  collection of films about a drole old bloke sailing unexceptional boats around one amazing island.  If you have watched a lot of my films thanks... but so far every penny of your worth was swallowed by google.

[email protected]

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thanks gents - very fine men

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Paypal Tap to support more KTL films
thanks gents - very fine men


This is about -KTL 8 - Orkney and Shetland, Dylan Winter's Blog.

4 Responses to “A Hearty Welcome”

  1. 13 March, 2016 at 12:08 pmMike says:

    Hi Dylan,

    Can you explain how this works?

    Paypal donate – I get that. People want to chip in and they can if they want.

    Vimeo – I get that they deliver better quality, and you want people to experience the best video / audio to show your work off at it’s best (and so on a big TV and speakers – I get all that).

    Youtube. I don’t get that. Don’t you get paid per (thousand) views? Is the issue that the revenue from that is just so small?
    “They now own every minute of KTL – now and as far forwards as I can see into the future of this project.” How do you mean they own every minute? They only own every minute into the future if you put the future videos there?

    I guess ultimately I don’t really understand the reasons you’re against Youtube – and why then you don’t just put them on Vimeo and not on Youtube at all.

    What am I missing?



    • 13 March, 2016 at 1:02 pmdylan winter says:

      thanks for taking the time to leave a comment Charles – that is very good of you.

      If you look at the image above you will see that the stats for the youtube films are steadily rising – but revenue is zilch. That is great for youtube but does little for the project you might have spent many hours watching.

      youtube/google/adsense is fantastic – the technology they bring to video is astonishing.. Brilliant compressions, fantastic bandwidth, feeding viewers the things they wish to see next. It is so amazing that it is impossible to survive without using them. It would be like running a shop without a door or window. I have had about 50 million hits on youtube now. You tube nominally pays $1 per thousand as a share of the adsense revenue. So that would be worth about $50,000. Allthough for views from good quality people – such as boat owners – they will pay upwards of £3.50 per thousand. I have heard figures of much higher rates. But as a youtube content creator you are not allowed to disclose your data

      That income is share they might give to the people who made the films – what google earns from the advertisers might be five times that. Google have probably made a quarter of a million from me so far.

      However, claiming your share of the adsense revenue it almost impossible. If you use any music in the films they seize the rights to the film on the basis that it has copyrighted material in it -regardless of if you have permission to use it. The adsense revenue is then divvied up between them and sony or time warner. You can claim that it is your music but only by going through a lengthy appeal procedure – the same procedure repeated for each film. So if I fight google for the revenue from a 45,000 hit film I stand to earn $45. It would take many, many forms filled and I would have to prove to a google computer that I have the right to use the music. The system is designed to be as time consuming to the claimant as possible. Google computers are brilliant at wasting my time. Speaking or communicating with a human at google is not possible.

      It is a brilliant system that is rigged against the people who create films.

      No-one can have any presence on the web unless they use youtube – it is the front door. I cannot run KTL without youtube – no-one woould ever hear of the project.

      Youtube films look great in HD on a big telly – there is no real difference between them and vimeo but youtube is designed to keep people on youtube and away from the website where there might be a paypal button or any other advertisiing that might compete with google – they re greedy, clever, naughty people.

      In fact most smart tvs have a youtube app that stops the viewer from following links back to websites – clever boys at google – very clever.

      i have been editing and posting films pretty solidly since October – averaguibng a new film every two weeks. – 4,000 films viewed a day – that is half a million minutes viewed a month. I have been averaging around ten taps a day – so that makes it an income of around $50 a day – which is good compared to the $4 a day I would earn from adsense – if they let me earn money from adssense. It just gets better and better…. for Google.

      Youtubers sometimes think that they have made a contributiuon merely by watching the film – the fact is that the value of their high spending eye time has all gone to google

      Every now and again I have to remind youtubers that it is a free ride for them – but they are not pulling their weight.

      I am fantastically grateful to the blokes who do tap….but there are not enough of them to sustain the project.. This was a little experiment to try to drive the youtubers to my website .I shall let this plan run for a bit.
      At the moment the backwards film has had 2,000 views in four days – and fifty thumbs downs

      the forwards youtbe film- only available from this page you are on now – has had 200 views

      so there are 200 people who are intelligent enough and like KTL sufficiently to click through to this page. Of those 200 views I reckon I got two more paypal taps.

      The vimeo version of the Rosts film has had 1000 views.

      So the film that took a journey to Orkney and about six days to edit has been seen by 1200 people in the first five days. i would expect it to be seen by about 30,000 people over the first year it is up

      – and it has garnered 40 taps. Call it $200.

      This is all new to me – but squeezing any sort of income from the ever narrowing gaps left between youtube and the people who create the films is always going to be a challenge.

      The digital journey has been much, much rockier than the real one.

      Thw main thing is though that I am really loving the sailing and I am, with the help of blokes such as yoorself, creating a digital snapshot of a most remarkable island.

      Unless of course you are a youtube freeloader – in which case you have done nothing other thaan to swell the coffers of google – none of which go to the UK tax payer.

      Hope this helps and thanks for watchinbg the films

      I look forward to hearing back from you and am very open to any suggestions about where to go from here


  2. 16 March, 2016 at 8:36 amMike says:

    Hi Dylan,

    thanks for that – it makes a lot more sense now. I didn’t realise Google were quite so intent on not playing fairly with revenue sharing. I suppose multi billions at stake will do that to you.

    I understand that adding music can make a production much more appealing – is that the only thing that is causing Google to be greedy?

    My only suggestions (for what they are worth) would be:
    A – accept that is worth the hassle of getting music in there that you don’t have to share with Google and Sony. Even if you need to do it per film I would guess that it is a small amount of time in comparison to what you put into filming and editing.
    – Is it worth finding some local musicians (guitar / fiddle player) and have them record some basic backing music – either pay them directly or agree a revenue share
    – Pay for some PRS & PPL free music. For sure I’m not an expert in this area but we use these guys http://www.akmmusic.co.uk/PRS-Free-Music/nonprs.php to provide music for announcement-on-hold for telephony systems we put in.

    Or as a last resort do without music? I understand that like many things music might add to the overall quality without being aware of it – but I’m not sure it would put me off watching.


    • 16 March, 2016 at 9:24 amdylan winter says:

      the snag is that if it has music they tend to seize the rights regardless of what has happened before

      so you can have no music in nine films, then use a few guitar plonks in film ten and they will seize it. – then you have to prove to the google computer that you have the right to use the guitar plonks. Proving to a google computer that the ponks are yours is almost impossible and not worth making the attempt. If a film gets 45,000 hits then that might earn $45. Not sure how many forms and online documents and agreements you are prepared to send to a google computer to earn $45.

      In the early days I commissioned music, then I got permission to use music direct from the bands, then I paid for it from the awful pRS stuff. I once bought 400 tunes for $120 – most were truly horrible.

      but the google reaction was to seize the rights to the film anyway and tell me to prove it was mine.

      I could dump the music completely – but the films would be rather hollow without it. The musicians liked me to use their music – they get a tiny income but more to the point it spreads the word and more people listen to them on spotify or turn up to their concerts.

      I have been playing this game with google computers for eight years now. You find a gap where you can earn some money and then they close it. The latest wheeze is when people watch on a smart telly using a youtube ap they cannot easily get back to the web – the ap keeps them on the youtube ap and away from my paypal buttons.

      It has been really interesting watching the way google computers play the game. They learn very fast – a bit like the recent go match where the computers won 4 times out of 5. Google love game play – it is the way they run their busuness – that is what I have been doing with them.

      Running the film backwards pissed off a few people – but then more new people have tapped in so it was worth it. If people like the films enough to seek out the next ones then a percentage of those will be prepared to chip in. I don’t like ruining my films with nags or even running them backwards. It like an artist being forced to scribble over his own work.

      One bloke left a comment on youtube


      Rodney Rubert 13 hours ago
      Great stuff.
      Freeloading Youtubist Carbuncle

      KeepTurningLeft Season 8 part 11 Riding the Rosts of Orkney
      KeepTurningLeft 12 hours ago
      +Rodney Rubert A most excellent post goodonyarodders

      your post prompted me to have a look at my old my old trucking space on youtube

      well over 30 million hits on there now and I have not touched it in years


      one other thing, you can disble adverts from your films to stop google from exploiting them – but then the google algorythmns will stop offering your films to people who have watched similar films – so that is like running a shop with a locked front door and bricked up window.

      for a short while in the truck film days I was getting a check from google for $800 a month – for a while I was getting 150,000 hits a day – those checks were coming from Switzerland. Then one morning I came into the office to find that I had broken the 20,000 word google agreement I had ticked and the revenue stopped – they bounced a check on me. They declared that I had an unusually high click through which suggested fraud and all revenue from all ads would go exclusively to google and their agents rather than any of it going to the bloke who made the films. Needless to say there were no humans involved in this process and, get this, there is no redemption in the world of google – once they decree that you have broken their rules you are out forever.
      It is a brilliant model and I continue to be full of admiration for their technology

      My films look great on youtube on a big telly

      the weird thing is that they now own everything I have done over the past eight years and I think they will own everything I do in the forseeable future. Pretty good business they are in I reckon


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