American Duckpunters spread the love

The goodness that is the duck punt is spreading around the world

there are some really happy blokes out there

they even have a facebook group

and a mailing list - a bit bijou at the moment - but growing fast

This is John Hartmanns punt on the unglamouriously named Dead Creek

and man she is shifting along so nicely

hartmann 2 IMG_4379

hartmann image2

hartmann image1

Hartmann 17 IMG_5188

Hartmann 15 IMG_5204

Hartmann 17 IMG_5181

hartmnann 16 IMG_5198

Hartmnann 18 image1

hartmann 14 IMG_5247

hartmann 13 IMG_5245

hartmann 11 IMG_5238

hartmann 10IMG_5237

hartmann IMG_5109

hart image2

harftmann 14 IMG_5248

hart image1

hartman 1`2 IMG_5244

Hartmann 7 IMG_5282

hartmann 8 IMG_5283

and after sailing

hartmann 6IMG_5311

hartmann 4IMG_5320

hartmann 3 IMG_5319

there is also a punt in Hunagary now

sz1 vigo imre

sz2 vigo imray

hungary 1 sz1

And there is also a new one on the Tees

belonging to Mr Gibson

gibson 20160329_110505



gibson 20160329_123523

and this is Rusty Knorrs excellent film

and this one in from Rolf in Germany

some of these guys are getting really stoked about these miraculous little boats

This is so goddamm awesome I can't even tell. I'm so stoked for some punting with you it's blowing my mind right now. Allison wants to go grocery shopping and I want to watch your punt videos. Let's do this! You are making it look very easy, I am looking forward to you and merging our knowledges into a super American duckpunting megathought.

I am inspired by you sailing. I feel the sailing in me too.

This is about Duck Punt films, Dylan Winter's Blog.

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  1. 10 July, 2016 at 9:50 pmWarren says:

    Not sure if this is one of the american boats but I found this foresale listing today

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