Brough – Katie L’s home for six months

Brough is an amazing place to keep a boat


the entrance is incredible - especially when viewed at low tide



Katie L sits on the mud - bow onto a pontoon. She sits almost level but with the stern just a bit low

and finally the walk to the most excellent loos



along the pontoon, through the reeds, across the boat storage area where the most excellent members do all their own work and to the immaculate loos in the most splendid clubhouse (which is well locked, with alarms set and there are people on site all the time)

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5 Responses to “Brough – Katie L’s home for six months”

  1. 17 August, 2012 at 3:23 amPaul Mullings says:

    Dylan you keep uncovering hidden gems, who would have thought there would be a significant yacht club this far inland!

  2. 17 August, 2012 at 7:33 amDylan Winter says:

    deep keelers with their bottoms parked firmly in the 8 foot deep mud



  3. 17 August, 2012 at 8:01 amPaul Mullings says:

    And I thought I knew all about mud coming from the Thames Estuary – quite obviously I don’t!

  4. 27 August, 2012 at 5:38 pmMichael Growcott says:

    I am really enjoying catching up but I find that those videos where you do a lot of handheld filming, watched in full screen, tend to give me motion sickness! Thought I had dispensed with the need for Stugeron.

  5. 27 August, 2012 at 8:22 pmDylan Winter says:

    deepest apologies

    these are just blogs

    the real films will be available for the dvd or downloading by Christmas


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