Duck Punts made Sexy

Doug has made a website about Duck Punts and he sent me a link

these images are embedded from his website

he has done a bit of a mash-up and says that if you object to your duck punt being brightened up a little then he will remove them

I think it is a bit of 'an homage'

I myself am outraged that my duck punt pictures were not good enough to nick - swine

this woman is clearly not looking where she is going

and this poor lady does not know which is the bow and which is the stern

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2 Responses to “Duck Punts made Sexy”

  1. 25 April, 2013 at 5:18 amDoug says:

    ermm.. the second picture is your punt. (at least you were in the original photo so i assume it is your punt)

  2. 25 April, 2013 at 7:29 amdylan winter says:

    it was such a great pic I did not recognise it myself

    never been sailed in such clear water


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