Favourite Forth Snaps

One of the pleasures after returning from a trip away is looking at the snaps and remembering all the things I forgot or did not really appreciate at the time.

We ate lunch in North Berwick - yet again it was a really windy day and the tightly packed yachts in the harbour were surging and snaking around with every incoming wave

S1080024 berwick harbour

The other harbour that struck me was Elie on the North Bank. The yachts are on a sandy beach just behind the sea wall. They obviously have a pretty rough life.


S1100010 Elie harbour


TheseĀ  doors in North Berwick are a real treat - they are changing rooms for the local sailing club.


S1080029 happy doors

This grey yacht was one of the wrecks in Charlestown. I enjoy guessing what sort of person owns her.

S1090005 grey yacht

public sculpture - the smirking seal of North Berwick.

S1080020 happy seal

and this bloke at the same birdwatching centre

S1080019 twitcher statue

St Monans has a small welly garden that has grown oragnically through the efforts of locals and holidaymakers.

I think it is an entrancing installation

S1100042 welly garden

S1100052 welly garden

S1100051 welly garden

S1100049 potty garden

S1100045 sculptural dump

S1100044 welly garden

S1100043 welly garden

S1100054 boots

S1100056 welly garden

S1100053 wear rubber

We also spotted this fat dog sitting on a bench outside an ice cream shop. Despite Maggie being on uber-heat he looked at her, sniffed her, touched noses and then stayed just where he was. Look at the detail on the bench - it is a work of art in its own right.

S1100139 shop dog

S1100141 dog on bench

This window box is a treat - and it has two little figures hidden among the flowers


The bass rock is a wonderful thing to see. The white is from the bodies of the birds clustered on it. It looks photo-shopped into the image. The Bass is one of several volcanic plugs that stick up above the relatively flat landscape of the Firth of Forth.

S1080030 the bass

S1080033 the bass

These two sensible slogans adorn the walls of the local boys club

S1090016 play the game

S1090017 quarelling is taboo

and finally a reminder of what the weather was doing to us through the whole ten days


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2 Responses to “Favourite Forth Snaps”

  1. 20 May, 2015 at 1:34 amWarren says:

    I enjoy the unloved boat pics. I guess we may have found out how they got like that with the weather limiting the amount of time you can use you boat.
    I’m suprised to see so many boats in the water. Do they winter boats up there in water?

    • 20 May, 2015 at 8:42 amdylan winter says:

      lots of them do – the salt water never freezes and it is cheaper

      I guess plastic boats don’t often sink


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