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The East CoastĀ  light - especially when captured early or late in the day can be spectacular


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The mud banks move a littlre with every tide



Every time I leave the haven and move out into the river it looks different



The Humber silt will often make a liar of your echo-sounder - so a sounding pole is more reliable





Light, water and mud - a constantly changing delight



local boats are often deep keelers



the waters of the Humber are silty, but are now extremely clean and are teaming with wildlife


Boats, bridges, mud banks and birds


low spring tides reveal a whole new geography


in some parts the Humber is as beautiful as the Orwell or Stour



Tides run at up to four knots in the Ouse



sails make shadows on the water



in the right light the water looks like chocolate soup


dylan humber2713

channel markersĀ  shaped like tugs

dylan humber2615

the river changes character up beyond the Humber bridge


dylan humber2449


Winteringham Haven where yachts rest among the reeds and float for just an hour or two a day


dylan humber2317

challenging navigation - although some parts of the charts are blank because the channel moves around so much


dylan humber2263

channels braid around mud banks

dylan humber2175


it feels as though the marks are steaming up the channel towards you

dylan humber2113


plenty of shipping - but also lots of room and shallows where a yacht can guarantee being well out of the shipping lanes

dylan humber1856

if you fancy seeing 10 knots on your GPS then the Humber is the place to try it



dylan humber1862

the Grimsby tower is a vital aid to navigation




dylan humber2005


dylan humber2059

the Humber offers some great sailing


dylan humber1728

Clee sands juts right out into the stream


dylan humber1661 dylan humber1604

the correct use of sounding dowell allows the shallow sailor to cheat the tides - very satisfying indeed



dylan humber1400 dylan humber1376


Essential navigation aids



dylan humber1007

dylan humber1132


dylan humber1226

Forts guard the entrance to the Humber

dylan humber1285


plenty to entertain the birdwatcher



dylan humber0759

some of the banks are firm enough to walk on - Tetney is a sand harbour at the entrance to the Humber. It offers excellent shelter in all conditions but the top of spring tides when the Easterly is blowing in waves from the North Sea



dylan humber0659




dylan humber0601


Tetney H arbour dries to a trickle revealing accres of firm sand

dylan humber0565

clean beaches for the kids to swim down around the mouth of the estuary

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dylan humber0453


dylan humber0484


dylan humber0510


dylan humber0529


clean blue water and beautiful sand at the entrance to the Humber


dylan humber0410


bizarre shoreline architecture nwever fails to entertain


dylan humber0388


the Humber has a million moods


dylan humber0348


dylan humber0314


dylan humber0286


dylan humber0263


The mood of the river changes once you pass under the Humber Bridge


dylan humber0239


dylan humber0193


dylan humber0168

local yachtsmen love their deep keels




dylan humber0113


dylan humber0075


small ships pass under the bridge heading for the Trent and the Ouse


dylan humber0038


Early morning mists roll down off the banks across the Humber



dylan humber0002




Trent falls in winter under calm conditions



even Humber water can turn golden with the right light





well marked channel make it hard to get lost but easy to go aground




waiting for the early mist to clear


dylan humber1964


dylan humber1336


dylan humber0861

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  1. 13 May, 2013 at 9:11 pmRivercruiser says:

    Great pics!

  2. 13 May, 2013 at 9:30 pmdylan winter says:

    cheers – they are just frame grabs for PBO to choose to illustrate 1000 words about the Humber

  3. 13 May, 2013 at 10:02 pmDrew says:

    A whole new look to my local river, would make fab coffee table book
    Thanks Dylan for showing our river is not just a muddy industrial wasteland

  4. 18 May, 2013 at 11:43 pmstevebetts says:

    I know you’re a movie maker but…(say it quietly) … I often prefer stills

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