Humber Swimming

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4 Responses to “Humber Swimming”

  1. 8 September, 2012 at 4:56 pmchapman says:

    So now we know, why do Dylan’s family put up with his eccentric adventures – because they are just as bonkers as he is!
    Great set of films, extreme creek crawling, you’ll need to get a winch for the duck punt as well.

  2. 9 September, 2012 at 3:25 amPaul Mullings says:

    The family that plays together stays together, great stuff. I would like to know how much mud is suspended in the water it looks rather thick!!

  3. 10 September, 2012 at 2:37 amDale says:

    Dear Captain Winter,

    an analysis of all commands issued to your crew in this episode reveal an apparent complete disregard for your authority.

    Indeed our patented Mutinonmeter has classed your crew at Pre Mutiny level 7, well beyond Simple Insubordination.

    We note the absence of a suitable yardarm and hempen halyards on your vessel, the presence of which may assist you in regaining control of your crew.

    We would be happy to supply the same, if you could forward some simple measurements. We have an introductory offer of timber plank and sundry bulwark fixings, and cutlass (prodding type only) that we would offer gratis in return for for product placement on an upcoming episode of KTL.

    Act soon before your wellbeing is threatened.


    Nine Tails PLC

  4. 12 September, 2012 at 4:15 pmDylan Winter says:

    you are correct and I appreciate your valuable input. In my defence all I can say is that in the house she is in complete control of everything at all times. It is very hard for her to adapt to the power flows on the boat. I am lucky though

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