KTL 21 film To Tower bridge and back

Into the smoke - part 2

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  1. 2 December, 2010 at 4:18 pmManinshed says:

    Hi Dylan, contrary to popular belief there is not an oil refinery on Canvey. They did try to build one but the public outcry stopped construction in the 1970’s. The parts that were built eventually were removed and the area now belongs to the RSPB.
    There is however oil storage and the Calor gas plant. They now want to construct a L(iquid)N(atural)G(as) storage facility. The various inquirys are ongoing.
    The Refinery that is there(on the mainland at Corringham) may have a limited life as there are plans for a Huge container depot there!

  2. 2 December, 2010 at 4:49 pmkeepturningleft says:

    thats mistake number 3

    I will set the record straight once I have completed the circumnavigation

    I intend re-filming the IoW to Crouch because all that was shot on a std def camera
    and I missed out on some wonderful places – Faverhsm for instance

    so if we both live long enough I will put it right

  3. 10 December, 2010 at 3:34 pmKevin Hall says:

    Just been revisiting some of the earlier 2008 episodes and I think the links to “into the smoke” 1 & 2 both link to the same video (number 1 I think).
    Sorry if I have got that wrong.
    Looking forward to your videos of 2010 as you make your way northwards up the Norfolk coast as that is somewhere I have never made it to by water. My plastic lozenge draws too much to be able to explore the creeks and harbours of Norfolk (save for Great Yarmounth) but maybe when you reach the Humber and points northward there might be some new cruising grounds for me.
    As you have said before, perhaps I should consider getting rid of the Bavaria and joining the slug appreciation society, but it’s difficult enough to placate the wife on a boat with hot and cold running water, fridges etc let alone anything more rustic. Perhaps I should consider establishing an Essex version of the Lady Yacht Club and banishing women altogether,or maybe I should just console myself with watching your progress.
    Keep up the great work. It is much appreciated.
    I am sure it is time my log in expired by now. What is the procedure for renewing?

    Kevin Hall.

  4. 10 December, 2010 at 3:54 pmkeepturningleft says:

    thanks Kevin,

    I do love a comment that makes me laugh

    you must be getting desperate – rewayching old films

    I will take a look at the links – am sure its my fault.

    I did kick of a long thread on YBW about the influence women have over our buying decsions.

    Perhaps you culd buy a second smaller tub and keep it somewher else – only sail it in the winter perhaps. Earn the respect of your fellow sailors for general all round hardness and toughness.

    we did set the clock back to zero for everyone when we moved all the material to the new site

    so regard the extra time as a bonus for being one of the earliest subsribers.

    The people who signed up before Oct 3 will all expire Jan 3

    so you have more time. if you are feeling bad about the extra free films – well you could recruit a few more people – or even buy subs as Christmas presents, Its the price of a beer, Make the login something weird and they will remmeber you every time they login.


  5. 13 December, 2010 at 3:15 amDave Robinson says:

    Hey Dylan
    Just discovered the same thing as Kevin….
    Fix the link, I want to see part 2!!!

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