KTL 8:8 Kirkwall to Stromness


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I just want to say that….

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Each of these films takes about three weeks to edit. I have 12 more films in the can before I run out of material. These films will cover the West Coast of Shetland including Scalloway, the rough nightime crossing of the Pentland Firth,down to Loch Eribol, around Cape Wrath which was a pussycat that day, down the North Minch to the Summer Isles, to the amazing Handa,Loch Drambuie, Salen, Tobermory, the sound of Mull, CorryVrekan, Craobh, through the Crinan canal and the Clyde to Glasgow – and a few more places along the way.

If I am to re-boot the series with a boat that can keep me, the camera gear and my clothes dry and warm I need to average £2K per film – or about a third of the money that the bikini sailors earn per Week. Thanks for considering helping that happen


Kirkwall to Stromness.Still001 Kirkwall to Stromness.Still002 Kirkwall to Stromness.Still003 Kirkwall to Stromness.Still004 Kirkwall to Stromness.Still005 Kirkwall to Stromness.Still006 Kirkwall to Stromness.Still007 Kirkwall to Stromness.Still008 Kirkwall to Stromness.Still009 Kirkwall to Stromness.Still010 Kirkwall to Stromness.Still011 Kirkwall to Stromness.Still012 Kirkwall to Stromness.Still013 Kirkwall to Stromness.Still014 Kirkwall to Stromness.Still015 Kirkwall to Stromness.Still016 Kirkwall to Stromness.Still017 Kirkwall to Stromness.Still018 Kirkwall to Stromness.Still019 Kirkwall to Stromness.Still020 Kirkwall to Stromness.Still021 Kirkwall to Stromness.Still022 Kirkwall to Stromness.Still023 Kirkwall to Stromness.Still024 Kirkwall to Stromness.Still025 Kirkwall to Stromness.Still026 Kirkwall to Stromness.Still027 Kirkwall to Stromness.Still028 Kirkwall to Stromness.Still029 Kirkwall to Stromness.Still030 Kirkwall to Stromness.Still031 Kirkwall to Stromness.Still032 Kirkwall to Stromness.Still033 Kirkwall to Stromness.Still034 Kirkwall to Stromness.Still035 Kirkwall to Stromness.Still036 Kirkwall to Stromness.Still037 Kirkwall to Stromness.Still038 Kirkwall to Stromness.Still039 Kirkwall to Stromness.Still040

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10 Responses to “KTL 8:8 Kirkwall to Stromness”

  1. 25 January, 2016 at 4:20 amPhill says:

    4 miles south of South Pender Island, 6 miles north of Orcas Island, the map doesn’t show anything less than about 50 fathoms and we hit strong currents on the surface like you did. Amazing what happens a long way from shore when the currents meet! Orkneys remind me strongly of the San Juans here in Washington state. Great place to be with a sail boat!

  2. 25 January, 2016 at 12:21 pmJes says:

    Thanks Dylan, love the film. The Yole, ?correct spelling, appear to sail very nicely. They are a similar concept to my boat with a long shallow keel and lots of room for people. I can also easily carry two families of four in my 16′ Scruffie for local island exploration. The lack of a centreboard is a compromise in terms of up wind performance but off the wind the speed is good and the lack of a centreboard case makes sleeping on board easier. I do find boat design fascinating, many aspects offer a benefit but also a compromise. On a recent visit to the UK I picked up a copy of one of the boating monthlies which had an article on two new designs of trailer-sailers. I was surprised that people would want to fit a chemical toilet into the already small cabin of such a boat. Looking at the pictures it would appear the lid of the toilet also doubles as a table! Is the bucket and chuck it option possible in your waters?
    Keep the films coming, tap coming

    • 25 January, 2016 at 12:46 pmdylan winter says:

      neither the duck punt nor my dinghy have centre plates.

      I think a long shallow one is almost as good as a deep thin one.

      bucket and chuck it is still legal here

      although a lot of people feel bad about it

      it worries me a bit…. but less than the pollution from the engine


  3. 25 January, 2016 at 11:07 pm[email protected] says:

    Excellent as usual D! You seem to have solved the sound problems – music in Pub sounded good!

  4. 27 January, 2016 at 12:02 amTomH says:

    Thank you for a lovely sail, Dylan.
    I truly enjoy our time together ;)

  5. 27 January, 2016 at 3:41 amAndrew W says:

    Enjoyed the film on my sons 50″ monster TV. Quality of the picture & sound is superb. He’s living at Lynfield cove, Auckland NZ.

    • 27 January, 2016 at 8:36 amdylan winter says:

      time to buy a chromecast or similar for home – it does make a real difference. I am really pleased at how good they look

  6. 10 March, 2016 at 4:20 pmTony Mindling says:

    Oh my gosh – what a treat, Dylan. From the walk on the rocky beach, the tour around the island with your story, great photos and graphics, some real sailing, scary tidal surges, dramatic coastline, and finally that delightful sail with those lovely old clinker-built boats. A great way to start the day. Thanks once again.

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