Maldon Boatyard – ktl 52 released

I had forgotten about this little film - it was a bittersweet tour around a boatyard in Maldon - beautiful, melancholic.

Why do people own old wooden boats and then just let them rot away. I remember an old Caprice I saw moldering in the corner of a yard in Bembridge. The man pays the £150 a year for the space and comes to see it once a year. The boatyard owner did ask why he keeps it - the answer "to keep the dream alive."

but to have a dream that is falling apart is such a sad thing.

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  1. 8 February, 2012 at 3:25 amSails149 says:

    My brother and I spend many wonderful hours wandering the boatyards in west mersea in the winter when we went down to let my dad do maintinance on his boat. Inventing stories about the boats you found and the reason for their being the way they were …way better than a pocket video game…..well I’ve never played one and let hope I never do.

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