KTL 206 clip beating up the Nene

beating up tide along the Nene - any day with a bit of sailing in it has to be good






KTL is available in HD at full screen for subscribers – 16 hours of great sailing films for $5 – 2009 also available on DVD

20,000 miles of coast to explore

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One Response to “KTL 206 clip beating up the Nene”

  1. 26 May, 2011 at 8:36 pm[email protected] says:

    Great hands on sailing video.
    I love the simple ones with real time, slow enough for us novices to rewind and re-watch.
    This camera view is good, they do this with kids toy adverts, I thought I was sailing, pulling the ropes etc.
    Sorry but do like the sound of the sailing experience, Celtic Notts , spelt that wrong, very nice music but wouldn’t want to hear it above the real sounds of ropes, wind, birds etc.

    I love the scuttlebut and vlogs etc as much as the films because they are raw.


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