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I write the odd bit for Practical Boat Owner  here in the UK - and I still get a buzz from seeing it sitting there on the magazine racks at thesupermarket or mainline station.

But I also write a column for an American publication called Small craft Advisor.  It is a wonderful publication. Like a throwback to the past - in a good way. For starters they never put words on their front page image. It is always a great picture that has been thoughtfully cropped.

They give me a completely free hand with my subject. I offer them images but the quiet editor, a man called Josh, tells me that people want to read the magazine rather than flick through it. They use the same simple image on my column each time - "because people want to know where they are in a magazine" says Josh

The magazine pays $100 a page - which is less than I was earning for words three decades ago.   The World has changed for sure.

But it is a great pleasure to write for them and they pay on time - so what more can I ask.

I have taken the liberty of posting a few scans from one of the editions. It will give you afeel for the magazine and the way it treats its contributors and images.

I have included four pages of an interview with Roger Taylor of Ming Ming fame. He is a sdort of peripatetic troglodyte who takes his junk rigged Corribbee a long way and the nturns around and comes back without ever touching the shore.

If anyone want thir words or images removed from here they will come down in a trice

but if you fancy a magazine subscription gift for Christmas.... well Small craft Advisor would make a refreshing change.


















































































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2 Responses to “Small Craft Advisor”

  1. 9 October, 2012 at 11:09 pmRoy Schreyer says:

    Hi Dylan, we have talked before and you have my sailboat “Whisper” in your pictures portion of your site. I just would echo your praise of Small Craft Advisor as they encourage big (or little) adventure in smaller boats and foster an appreciation of what can be done with these boats. I’ve been enjoying your column and good to run into you again. Roy.

  2. 11 October, 2012 at 8:07 amJohn Welsford says:

    I agree with Dylan that SCA is a great magazine, have visited editor Josh Colvin and am very pleased to count him among my friends. Hes a good guy, produces a great magazine ( with good writers, Dylan among them) with just himself and a part time helper, his is a classic small business which really keeps the customer, thats the reader, in mind.

    John Welsford

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