Standing rigging replacement

this evening I raised and lowered the mast a couple of times and got the main set without too many wrinkles

a lot of tension required to get rid of them

I also need to replace the standing rigging

I can take the shrouds to Pinbar and Bax and get them made up - tommorrow with any luck

But the forestay needs to be threaded and then have a ring swaged on the bottom end

so I am on the look-out for some-one close to me with a swaging tool

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  1. 23 June, 2012 at 8:11 pmsarah Sonley says:

    Hi Dylan, my standing riggin is really quite baggy, and no room on the screws to tighten any more.
    coach roof look ok to me (so not sure if its due to sinking roof or stretched riggin), how on earth do i tell a rigger person how long i need new ones made? with the eyes fixed in the ends etc.
    not sure what bits i need to measure.

    Sarah (Dizzy Free, the little ugly one down Lower Halstow Creek).

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