weather, wiring, windguru and the Flyer

the weather looks pretty gloomy for the next 24 hours - with grey rain

S2140010 grey


the fan heater has been on to keep the iinside of the boat dry


S2140011 fan heater



the broken floorboard has been replaced - I would like to paint it but Scotland says it does not want me to


S2140004 florr boRD


I have also done the first phase of the repair on the spraybhood


I used some strips of webbing from an old rucksack and the glue gun - the stitching will follow this winter whhen the sprayhood comes off - the stray glue strands will be removed once the temperatures rise a bit and I am in a picking mood.


I am not proud of it but.....sail now fettle later


S2140007 repair S2140008 repair


today I will be spending looking at the electrics which are in need of some TLC



but I have remind myself what this place can look like


KeepTurningLeft Scotlamnd.Still011



windguru shows some signs of hope over the coming week


rain and showers as opposed to rain and grey


weather tuesday





The wifi here is not working yet - but it will - currently on the vodaphone dongle - making that work was a challenge but I went for a walk around the marina and knocked on a lovely boat boat called Flyer

Four lovely blokes - they turned their attention to helping an old bloke out and within an hour they had got the vodaphone dongle working

thanks gents



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2 Responses to “weather, wiring, windguru and the Flyer”

  1. 28 June, 2016 at 1:07 pmWarren says:

    What fun! Flyer was a great S&S65, one of the orriginal Whitbread round the world winners that was a true cruiser racer that could be used successfully for either type of sailing. Conny van Rietschoten apparently sailed the whole way round in style with proper meals with wine, no eating out of dog bowls like the do now!
    I love hearing about old winning race boats and where they are now.
    Did they convert it back to a ketch or is it still a sloop?
    Love the story of the Dutch brining it back form California!

  2. 29 June, 2016 at 6:29 amRalph says:


    You could use the Speedy Stitcher to sew the straps. I’ve used it for making dinghy covers and it works well.


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