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Our Miniport Ships are RCD compliant category D, and seat 5 people. They are designed and built for use in boat hire venues.  Suitable locations would be lakes, gravel pits, docks and river basins.
We both manufacture and operate our own designs, and now have a full range of miniature ships available for lease or sale. Please contact us via our website www.miniport.co for more information.
Our own fleets are kept afloat under covers (available separately), but they would be equally at home ashore on their wheels ashore.
These ships are tough, reliable, simple to use and look gorgeous.
They come complete and ready to go with integral motor, flagstaff and ensign.
There are 5 forward and 3 reverse speeds: the standard motor delivers up to 3 knots and a higher power version is available, adding a knot or so.
Our ships have integral wheels, making handling ashore incredibly easy.
Batteries, charger and antifouling (if required) are extra.
The design takes two lead-acid cells giving a duration of 6 hours plus.
We currently operate two flourishing boat hire venues in Portsmouth.
To see the full range of Electric Ships please visit us at www.miniport.co, where you can also see how our boat hire business works.
This ship will be available for delivery or collection from December 2015, according to our production schedule.
We can deliver within the UK (subject to delivery charge).  Please contact us prior to purchase for more details.
All sales are subject to our detailed terms and conditions. Please request a copy from us by emailing [email protected]


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  1. 25 October, 2015 at 10:45 amMike Howard says:

    The Border Force had one of these operating on the lake at last year’s Beale Park Boat Show. I know there have been severe Government cut backs – but is this a step to far?

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