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Acts of uber altruism

Bed Bound Polytarp Gazza from Australia says “spread the word”

“oh no” says Malcolm – cape cutter 19

MB from Carlingford says “keep blessing us”

Hi Dylan thanks for email. Sorry for pitiful £5 end of month and all that Its like they say in the song you never know what you got till its gone Pease keep blessing us with your company and never dull outings. MB Carlingford  

Glenn’s UK Circumnavigation in a Centaur – he says “small chip”

Mariek from Puget sound says “rooting for you”

Waiheke Warren from NZ says “your films have a tangible value”

Hello Dylan, You are correct and the splendid woman was amused. Your films have a tangible value to me. Although at the moment I am struggling with the use of IT and would have found it easier to eventually buy one or more DVDs, the chap who paid the equivalent had the right idea and […]

Bobby the boater says “poetry soul and attitude”

Simple Dylan, I love what you do. I love the fact you (mostly) aren’t crossing oceans – but getting to know your own land intimately. It’s my approach to sailing as well. There’s so much to see that gets ignored and to see in different weather conditions and times of day. And you do it […]

Exotic Marco says “beautiful musics”

Hi Dylan thank you for your outburst, I’m very happy to feel that you have  still the enthusiasm , the energy and needing to go forward. This year you will have the opportunity to re organize the project without the urgent nagging thoughts to pay to keep a boat so far from you . You […]

Pandora owning Ed says

Hong Kong Sloopie says

21 year old Canuck MOB