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wonderful W says

Dylan, I found the new (old) material you are posting on you tube quite by accident.  You tube “recommended” the videos to me as something I might like to watch. Is there some way to link to the “new” you tube postings from your blog site? Could send your “regular” MOBs over there from the […]

man on message says

Hello Dylan and congratulations on the Lily M outcome.  When I flew out of the UK just over three weeks ago you were up at Kip with Lily M…….. I have just returned and the whole drama is done and dusted.  I followed it all online of course and chucked in the odd comment here […]

Final goodbye

Lily M sold

she passed the inspection with flying colours   end of a chapter   sob! D

Just for the joyful irony of it

Google Grab

Penobscot boatbuilder says

windmill girls build wooden cat – my arse they did

Thoughtful Sailing

Selling Lily M – resurrecting Katie L

Interesting film about a first timer sailing the atlantic

sailing today in Scotland