Sailing around Britain

Joyful Drifter Dutch Vince and his “alternative facts”

Great Lakes Bazza says “actual”

Scoop Stern lozenge sailor Happy Henrik “up a river”

Moving the chairs on the Titanic

Centaur Jonnie says “get off our bums”

Floating Poet Mark says “serenity in a hectic world”

Depth Challenged Chicago Bill says “buy a ticket”

Westerly Centaur – the best small yacht in the world – probably

Silhouette snapper Bob said “well I have been rewarded”

Rich the Swift sailor from Wales says “fill the gaps with KTL”

Wet Washington yawl sailor Steve says – “worth a can of anti-foul”

Chuffed Essex Slug Sailor Richard (aged 59) says “warm socks”