Sailing around Britain

Acts of uber altruism

Bed Bound Polytarp Gazza from Australia says “spread the word”

“oh no” says Malcolm – cape cutter 19

Sonata Singleton Dave aged 77 says “what you like best”

Pennsylvania John (51) says “essence of the nautical environment”

Chesapeake Mellonseed Tom aged 33 says “fekkin with the demographics”

Norfolk Ian says the “utmost pleasure”

  I am one of your MOBs from Norfolk, you have kindly corresponded with me before. I am about to do that Paypal tapping thing (as I have in the past), I still derive the utmost pleasure in watching your films. I have been spending quite a bit of time looking after my Mum for […]

Jooste from Holland says “love your films”

M from Germany says “I like bikinis”

Hey Dylan, at first I must confess, I like girls in bikinis and speaking of lavagabonde, she is a beauty, but thats in the eye of the watcher. On the other hand, there is not much of useful information in their videos. That brings me to the point why I chipped in. I have just […]

MB from Carlingford says “keep blessing us”

Hi Dylan thanks for email. Sorry for pitiful £5 end of month and all that Its like they say in the song you never know what you got till its gone Pease keep blessing us with your company and never dull outings. MB Carlingford  

Glenn’s UK Circumnavigation in a Centaur – he says “small chip”