Sailing around Britain

Inverness 1

Beauly Firth – low tide – channel sailing – Saturday night

evening sail -saturday

ah well – you guys told me not to touch it

probs with the 4.5 Centaur from a brief survey that make 4.5k hopelessly optimistic – such a shame as the inside is fantastic   maybe she is a scrapper     1. The Hull a) Blisters On examining the hull below the waterline seven areas of paint coverings were removed down to the gelcoat. […]

Not a bad spot to wait out the rain

here I am

MOB better boat bunce bounce back

Interesting Centaur – £4,500

Catspaw is down to £5,500

Sailing blogs – beautiful people, great boats, exotic places

Varkoula – insurers called in

Centaurs in Boatshed