Acts of uber altruism

Yesterday I got six handwritten envelopes -= some with cards in them - all with contributions in them

Bloody hell lads - that is wonderful. Some of the cards were so nice I read them outloud to the dog




Yesterday there were about 15 taps - and maybe half a dozen email responses to my request for reasons and a snap of the boat.

One theme of my lovely emails, apart from an astonishing array of boats, is people seem not to know how much to tap.


I am not sure how to answer that . Anything is great.  Even a dollar.

A few yanks have started sending $200. When I ask why they said - 8 seasons at $25 a season (as they used to pay for DVDs). Well that is wonderful - not many would be willing to do such a thing.  Although at one time  a double DVD disk set for $25 would have been a pretty good deal - in truth I am grateful for anything anyone gives. As long as I feel I am working towards a goal I will keep going.


Will I earn enough this year to put me square again and let me re-boot the series in a boat with a heater?


Selling the centaur and stopping the bills for 2017 will help a lot.

But then, a few people ask a perfectly sensible question. "What am I paying for if you have no boat and are not doing any filming?"


The answer is, as the "The Boss" says - for the work in editing the films and the entertainment value they offer.


It is all, you ever pay for when you buy music, or a box set, or pay to watch game of thrones on netflix, football on skye or the local free firework display when they don't charge you to get in but rattle a bucket at you as you leave.  You are not paying for the actors wages or the horses they have killed in the battle scenes, or the footballers cars  but for the thrill of the ride.


"The Boss" says, the blokes should pay what it isn worth to them. If it worth nothing and you have watched all those hours of KTL in the hope that it will eventually entertain you then chip in nowt. I am sorry for having wasted all those hours of your time.


On the other hand if it is, in your mind, better than a box set of Game of thrones or Busty bints on the Binge then maybe as much as you pay for that.


It is an act of uber altruism to send money to a bloke you have never met for no tangible reward


Amazing men.



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  1. 26 February, 2017 at 8:11 amPhilip Orchard says:

    “It is an act of uber altruism to send money to a bloke you have never met for no tangible reward.”


    I don’t know how you define tangible – but for my money the reward I get from watching your videos is far more tangible than many of things that I’m silly enough to fork out for in this consumer society.

    Regards Philip

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