The weather man was predicting one decent morning before the weather goes bad again so we sailed along the South Shore inland towards Blackness. We stopped on the jetty to take the dog for a walk and have a gander at the castle.


We were invited into the club house at the Blackness boat club and two splendid blokes bought beers for us.

Feel better now that we have doubled the sailing hours for the week.


Blackness Castle - shaped like a ship

S1110002 castle



Home built jetty at Blackness - the club members made it themselvesS1110003 jetty




Maggy flirts with yet another boyfriend - she is an utter harlot. Hottest thing on four legs at the moment

S1110005 boy friend

Ruth belongs to a 6 foot 4 kitchen fitter - he needed more headroom - so he built it. It sails fine apparently


S1110006 ruth S1110011 ruth

Flowers in boat winch


S1110012 winch


former chapel - destroyed in the siege of Blackness



S1110014 chapel S1110015 chapel

Brilliant signs to stop people letting dogs foul the public land - notice Scottish child in the anorak they have them welded to their bodies at birth


S1110024 ffs S1110026 sfs


the wind was blustery on the way home so I put the little trisail up - it is such a handy scrap of material. Not the prettiest sail in the wardrobe but it really helps us along and the boat stays perfectly balanced



S1110038 briddge S1110039 saqil



Lousy weather is arriving so we are heading home today until the weather man tells us that spring has arrived

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3 Responses to “Blackness”

  1. 15 May, 2015 at 5:43 pmBobW says:

    Spotted you “sunning” yourselves this afternoon on deck – the wooly hats were needed? I decided to give sailing a miss, and went back to work. At least I have the choice, you poor people came on holiday.

  2. 16 May, 2015 at 9:53 ampete says:

    well it was nice to have meet you at blackness sailing club,having follow your blog of and on for a while now, keep it up please, hope we see you again ,,hastie back,,,pete

    • 16 May, 2015 at 5:24 pmdylan winter says:

      thanks Pete – we will return for another look around and a visit to the castle

      thanks for greeting us so nicely and for the drink

      you are a very nice man

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