Centaur Jonnie says “get off our bums”


Hi D,

The money was chipped in because the intangible reward is as important as the tangible. In fact "no tangible reward" is arguable as we are in the process of buying the Centaur I mentioned to you in my email earlier today and which is the boat we could afford rather than the boat we were waiting around dreaming of. So there is a tangible consequence to your films. Your videos are very entertaining, but they are also inspiring and encouraged us to get off our bums and stop living vicariously through youtube/your website. I'm 51 and was diagnosed with emphysema last year. Since my mid 20's I've pursued interests other than sailing - partly it was buying a house, getting a mortgage, seemingly endless hours of work, partly it was being distracted by rock and ice climbing and that sort of thing. But, well, whenever I am near water I like to go and stand near it and watch how it moves and look at the boats passing over its surface, so I guess it has never left my blood. So I'm 51 and active for who knows how much longer. Your vids inspired me to stop wasting time and bloody well get on with it. That's why I chipped in £50 - and in my view it is a small price to pay for inspiration.



This is about Dylan Winter's Blog, Sailing around Britain.

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