Dave makes an interesting point

This all so boring, Yes I totally agree with you about Trump but its not why we are here.
This is about sailing and you seemed a run of the mill guy sailing the creeks on a budget.
You’ve had a pop at the royal family yet live in a very nice village out of many peoples pocket.
You want what many would consider a mini superyacht yet plead poverty and moan about the freeloaders (myself) after uploading to a free video hosting site ie You Tube.. Constant talk about high
def. cameras, more expense. I bet most of the m o b’s couldn’t care less.. Knowing how politically biased the bbc is none of this comes as a surprise really. The biggest danger too the world at the moment is the lack of respect for the voter. We fort long and hard for democracy and the right to vote and we need to remember that. The American people put Trump in so why as a socialist (everyone equal)? do you think you know better? Same with brexit, same with May.

Sorry but I come here to escape , not to be lectured too just because you are frustrated about Scotland.
I’ve renamed the site in my favs. as www not ktl anymore. whinging Wnters of Waldringfield

Thanks Dave....

of course I would listen more carefully to you if you had some skin in the game.

One of the interesting aspects of this Trump experiment is that most the angriest comments have come from those who have not chipped in yet. Some have said they will stop paying but I have no record of them ever paying. I think that they assume that there are so many tappers that it is impossible to keep track. You seem to suggest that I should sell my house so you can on enjoying something you have never paid for. I love sailing, I like making films, Jill loves her garden and her house. I love Jill more than sailing and making films. Perhaps you could sell your house?

Here is a film from the current market leader - bringing in $9,000 a week. They have now invested in some new plastic busters - enjoy

This is about Dylan Winter's Blog, Sailing around Britain.

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  1. 12 June, 2017 at 1:04 amsteveeasy says:

    Dave never suggested you sell your house. I’m not sure what you meant by if he had more skin in the game youd listen more carefully. Really why. you put yourself on a public platform, then seam a little frustrated when Dave makes as you say an interesting point.

    He probably was one of your followers, He did indeed make a very good point. How long ago did Mrs May have the support of the country, A few minor indiscretions will have in all reality ruined her career.
    Best Wishes


  2. 12 June, 2017 at 7:12 amdylan winter says:


    I think Dave was saying that I Live in a nice house which I should sell so that I can carry on sailing in scotland and making films for free so that he can carry on watching them for free. My comment about no skin in the game was a reference to the fact that he had never chipped in. Just following is not supporting or contributing.

    Obvioulsy I am going to pay more attention to tappers than to non tappers. All the serious sailing vloggers put appeals for contributions on their films which they post on the free platform of youtube – which of course is not free of commerce at all. Certainly the top ten sailing vloggers do. Most offer special films – some offer films for tappers where the girls wear even fewer clothes. That is not really a route I wish to go down.

    Sorry if I come over as a Mrs May.

    Deepest apologies if the politics annoys you…. I am sure that there would be lots of complaints if the only films I put up were ones about the same stretch of river filmed in ever lovelier sunsets set against ever more lyrical music

    Normal service will be resumed this autumn – then Dave can continue watching well made films for free….

    or he can watch La Vag, Doodles and Velos – all of whom also ask for recompense for their excellent shots of girls in bikinis.


  3. 12 June, 2017 at 8:01 amMark says:

    My family are jewish – many of my ancestors died in Nazi Germany. You cant ignore idiots like Trump. He isnt anti semitic but he would sell his countries and the worlds best interests for perceived personal gain. It isnt nice talking about politics but sweeping it under the carpet is way too dangerous.

  4. 12 June, 2017 at 8:49 amHerman Verheij says:

    Well now, I’ve been following developments at KTL over the past year or so with great interest. As a matter of fact, the KTL-page tab is permanently open on my laptop…
    Put a few Euros in the box as well.

    So maybe I’m entitled to a few remarks.

    First of all, it seems to me that it is Dylan’s page and the whole KTL-project is his initiative and his responsibility. So I think he can do whatever he wants to do. If you don’t like what you see and/or hear anymore, you’re free to leave KTL.

    Secondly, I’ve always enjoyed the mix of real small yacht sailing and the running, mildly ironic, commentary on British history. And personally I do not see why we should not appreciate remarks on current developments around the world as much as we did observations on English and Scottish nobility and Vikings. Discussing world affairs against the background of the Deben was in my view quite refreshing…

    Thirdly, on the project itself, I seem to recall Dylan arguing that one should not wait for the boat one wants, but should sail the one one can afford. In that sense I have been wondering if it is really necessary to wait for a Fisher and sail to St. Kilda and such places instead of moving on Southward in something less costly. But again, that is entirely up to Dylan.

    Then, on the Deben. Dylan, you don’t know how lucky you are to be able to go for a sail whenever you feel like it on one of the most beautiful rivers in England. Every Dutch yachtsman dreams of crossing th North Sea and sailing up the Orwell (Pin Mill!) or the Deben. Those who do (I did) will never stop telling their sailing friends what a delightful experience that has been. Keep those pictures and videos coming, they are never boring!

    Finally and most importantly Dylan, what on Earth were you doing moving the tiller all the time in the latest video while you appeared to be at anchor?



  5. 12 June, 2017 at 9:37 amdylan winter says:

    thanks H,

    I am dead lucky to be so close to some great sailing – although it is very bad for my life/work balance. Within ten minutes I can be in the dinghy and head off for a small sail or another ten in the dinghy will have me in Katie L.

    I did say that about sailing “the boat you have now” etc etc…. and that is what I do. However, having done two winters in scotland, one in Katie L, I know that she is not suitable for the far west of scotland in the winter – primarily because of the 120 inches of rain they get there. To be able to sail in the rain is pretty important and once Katie L gets wet down below then the only way to dry out is with a fan heater.

    I could take her south but then I would not get to see scotland and I really want to go to scotland while my knees are up to it.

    I know that I should be happy and uber content to be on this marvelous river – however, I have a terrible handicap in that I am always keen to see new places. I have suffered from this affliction – for surely that is what it is – since I was a child. I was always heading off in a boat with a sleeping bag. At 18 I went to Canada to work on a cattle ranch, then in forestry in BC, I joined the BBC because they let me go off on adventures. I like a bit of adrenalin every now and again

    There is a bloke on the next mooring who has been on this river for 25 years and never crossed the bar…. I am jealous of his contentment

    I agree a fisher is an expensive yacht…. this is my plan… buy a fisher, do it up, sail it for five years around the west coast of scotland and then around the back of Ireland, then sell it and use the money from selling her to keep on sailing around the western approaches and Brittany in a third Centaur – I can sell the fisher for £25K and buy a centaur for £10K – that will leve me enough in the kitty for two seasons sailing even if the films bring in no money at all.

    of course, if none of this happens then that is the way the cards fall. The old films will remain in the web as long as youtube leaves them there. They will be like the empty husks of beach mast that litter the forest floor long after the leaves have dropped and rotted away

    As for the tiller, I was drifting upstream with the incoming tide. If you listen to the soundtrack you will occasionally hear the keel just grazing the bottom of the Deben, when I hear that noise or see the keel rope go slack then I bring her away from the shore a little.

    At these shallow depths with soft mud the echosounder cannot accuratly detect the bottom – so I use the keel as an acoustic echo-sounder.

    I apologise to those who dislike the Trump stuff – but I felt I had to do my bit and while I can post a film about the deben and get no taps and almost no comments the trump films are getting 10 comments for every 100 views and four times as many thumbs up as thumbs down.

    It is what my daughter describes as “astonishing levels of engagement” I have also had some contacts from appreciative long term American followers and former freeloaders who have started tapping in. How many people have lost patience with me time will tell and when I post the next Season 8 film then I will know if the Trump stuff has been a big mistake.

    However, this KTL series is a real story… it is what happpens and what I think. It is impossible to remove the money from wht I do. The cash flow determines what boat I sail and where I can sail it. if I had enough money to but a big warm new boat and the £6K a year it costs to keep it 500 miles from home then I would just sail, take a few snaps and post them on face-book.

    So, if by January I have enough cash in the budget to buy an elderly small warm yacht fir for scotland then I will go back and make more films – if not…well I dunno. Maybe just take more pictures of birds on the Deben and drink more or Jill’s excellent home brewed beer.

    I like to think that my films are reasonably well made and that the viewers learn more about this tiny slice of the world than they might otherwise know. It all helps to differentiate myself from the bikini sailors who dominate the market for sailing films.

    I could carry one making and posting the 45 minute films from the scottish adventures through this coming summer but I know that they will earn double the money if I post them in the autumn once the nights start drawing in and we all need a bit of a virtual sailing fix.

    Thanks H – good man


  6. 12 June, 2017 at 9:52 amDavid Claassen says:

    In order to counteract the vitriol that will inevitably come from my fellow Americans, allow me to please thank you for this video. You have spent quite some time sifting and organizing both issues and your own judgement upon them.

    Watching the last 10 years of US politics from this side of the pond is a bit like watching a disaster stretching into a very long time frame. What might be needed is for voters to evaluate, not just what Trump is doing, but what is under the trend toward the type of national politicians we are seeing now. I agree that there are serious and powerful forces at work that are not evident to the casual eye.

    Maybe this will lead to term limits, a break on the death grip that our 2 major parties have on the system, and other populist reforms. I hope so. I do know that, if I choose to retire back to the US, I will be in a rural, more conservative state….Texas is top on my list. (Dylan, you would like Texans).

    Anyway, much appreciation for this video. I have a long-standing hatred of Paypal, so my best intentions are still intact. Seriously, Paypal is just below iTunes on my open-ended annoyance scale.

    Watching your shots of the Orwell makes me want to walk out of my classroom, hitch up the boat, and head to Norfolk…..soon (I hope!)


  7. 12 June, 2017 at 10:06 amdylan winter says:

    Cheers Dave,

    There are two Macs in Wells and an excellent slip. The ground is sandy so perfect for a mac to dry out. Wells is a lovely town. There are also pontoons with power and excellent showers. Get up there and leave your boat for a while


    PS – Paypal works great for me. They also do my accounts because the tax man can keeop tabs on every penny.

    PPS – you should see the comments I have deleted from the youtube channel – and the occasional email… some from anonymous servers

  8. 12 June, 2017 at 10:13 amsteveeasy says:

    your comments about politics have not offended me. my point I never put across clearly is Mrs May is a very capable person but has alienated herself by little things. I wonder if you are trying to self destruct in a similar manner.
    You did say you were broke in the past, I’m afraid it did you no favours. Dave remembers regardless of if he taps or not he was a keen follower. You cant be a middle class man living in middle England living a privileged life and play the poor man.
    Of course those distanced from you in a country with less class structure will not see the significance of the matter and support you. this they have done.
    The truth most of us are not broke, we just have far too many aspirations. Do I need what I desire, do you really need what you desire.

    That said I really hope you are enjoying your sailing.


  9. 12 June, 2017 at 10:21 amdylan winter says:

    the cash point card was in danger of being swallowed. I sold the boat and retreated from scotland – I hope you don’t think I did that just for the impact. I loved sailing in scotland. You still seem to be suggesting that I should sell my house to make the films.

    My sailing costs have gone from £6,000 a year in scotland to around £200 a year in the river outside my house.


  10. 12 June, 2017 at 11:52 amDavid Claassen says:


    My dear father made it a lifelong habit to always point out that there are those less fortunate than ourselves. While is it often a fact which should be kept in view, in this case, I feel it is not. If you sell your house, it is worth what someone will pay for it, regardless of any price you put upon it. The same holds for anyone who lives (as I have at times) on what the public will pay for the product of your talents.

    I respect what Dylan is doing and will be doing more (there are those intentions again) to support his efforts. He is doing this the hard way…by producing an excellent product and counting on us to do the right thing.

    If the La Vaga folks (who I followed when they were beginning) can parlay their product into a new cat and lots of incoming cash, then it is not so much that Dylan is expecting. The bikini shows are much more popular right now, butI believe it is the type of content Dylan produces that will stand the test of time.

    As far as the politics, it is his circus, his monkeys…he gets to do as he pleases and, unlike most, has the chops to back up his assertions and opinions. That is all you can ask from an honest man.


  11. 12 June, 2017 at 11:53 amJes Bates says:

    Maybe the problem is the ‘brand drift’. As KTL followers, we were following you as you told the story of circumnavigation of the UK, a bit like an alternative ‘Coast’ for sailors if I can make that comparison. Little by little you opened up the coast of Britain for small boat sailors on a tight budget. Now you have changed your focus to exploring the west coast of Scotland in a Fisher, the sense of a journey, of moving forward, albeit very slowly, has gone. In one sense I agree with some of the sentiments behind Dave’s comments though I enjoyed the Trump discussion in that it was well prepared and delivered with a beautiful drift up the river as a backdrop. Your real strength is your filming and the way you capture the light and the mood and the nature so well, along with the ironic commentary. The autumn is a long time to wait for more films.

  12. 12 June, 2017 at 12:06 pmdylan winter says:

    that is true Jes

    but if I had just sailed around Britain in a small boat then I would not have had the time for the filming – the series would have been done and dusted in ten films and you guys would all be back to the bikini sailors again.

    I think that the market has moved dramatically since I started. There are now so many sailing films that KTL gets lost in the click bait. Having said that more people are watching the films than ever before…. the snag is in monetising those clicks.

    it would have been a shame to rush around this amazing island. I wanted to savour it.

    I know that you, as a small boat sailor, prefer the small stuff but a 61 year old bloke in a trailer sailer in March in scotland would be a tough one – too tough for me. I will be posting the films of sailing the east coast of scotland in Katie L so seeded among the last ten films will be the shallow sailing to the top of the Tay, Forth and Moray


  13. 12 June, 2017 at 1:08 pmSusan Reese-Kelley says:

    Historically I believe the presidential election of 1864 was far more vitriolic and culminated in Mr. Lincoln taking a large amount of lead to the back of his head. Talking heads ad nauseum, who in some instances can’t correctly pronounce the subject matter they pontificate on vociferously, ranting on in perpetuity while .the advertising money rolls in waves. Thank Gawd youtube provides a respite from the humdrum of political reality shows.

    On another note, all I get on my cable connection is sky news and I can get the temperatures of all the major cities around the world during commercials. Where is the BBC? I’ve seen enough of huge crocs mangling wilde beasts at the river crossing :)

  14. 12 June, 2017 at 1:55 pmpeter c says:

    Well said David.
    Test of time, how many sailors will watch a bimbo making pizza in 10 years time. How many watch D’s early work again and again. Duh.

  15. 12 June, 2017 at 2:25 pmdylan winter says:

    you can train the youtube algorithm to deliver trump news

    but it does tend to re-enforce ideas rather than offering anything approaching balance


  16. 13 June, 2017 at 12:25 pmsteveeasy says:

    Well Id just like to put on record I absolutely respect Dylan for everything he does. His comments regarding politics are as worthy as anyones and is free to voice them. Ive only tried to highlight believe it or not why a number of people feel as they do. Id not be sailing without the inspiration Dyaln has given to untold numbers of people.

    I agree with a lot of his views and opinions. I just wish a way could be found to market his films for sale. it would remove the tapping concept and views of the minority I in fairness aggrieve me. I will however offer my sincere apologies to Dylan for this.

    Happy days



  17. 13 June, 2017 at 2:38 pmEd Bourgoine says:

    I just finished watching this latest clip, and reading through the comments. I’m not sure that I understand why anyone would feel that because you live in a nice location and have easy access to a great sailing area that you should somehow not expect some return for the considerable work you put into your films. I’ve been waiting for the next segment from your stored backlog of material but now I know not to expect it till fall, not a problem for me as I hope to still be around that long :). I suspect that there must be a trace of the masochist in you for poking the Trump bear repeatedly with your stick! I disagree with what you are saying, on the contrary the situation here has turned into a giant cluster f***, not to worry this too will pass. Will tap you another token or so to feed the kitty. Keep up the good work, you are a breath of fresh air.

    Best Regards,

    ps: What is a mac?

  18. 13 June, 2017 at 3:27 pmdylan winter says:

    Thanks Ed

    bless you

    Mac is a Macgregor

    I rather like them



  19. 13 June, 2017 at 6:40 pmJonB says:

    Bit of a strange topic this Dylan…I don’t know why you posted it?

    Anyway, I don’t think you should be selling your house, you’ve only just bought it!

    My view, however, is that no one said that. Steve and Dave seemed to perceive incongruence. That’s what I read anyway.

    Whatever. Dylan inspired me to return to sailing after a gap of 25 years and buy a centaur. And whether on the Deben or on some brilliant part of Britain’s coast he makes very good vids. Take yer pick, either is good enough for me. I’ll certainly continue tapping whenever I can..

  20. 13 June, 2017 at 7:42 pmdylan winter says:

    I often get people who have been avid followers who are keen not to tap in – one of the reasons they often cite is that I live in a nice house. I used to buy Elton John CDs until I discovered that he lived in a nicer house than me.

  21. 13 June, 2017 at 8:12 pmJonB says:

    Ah ok.

    Strange that people should cite that. I don’t really see the relevance or follow the logic either.

    Good choice re Elton though. Not because of the house thing though…


  22. 13 June, 2017 at 8:14 pmdylan winter says:

    when he was good he was brilliant…

    lived in an expensive house though

  23. 13 June, 2017 at 10:48 pmNiall says:

    For what it worth I agree with Jes.

  24. 14 June, 2017 at 1:28 amKenneth Butterly says:


    Since Trump does not meet your standard, which candidate would have been better for America and the world to choose at this time? Hillary? Bernie? One of the other Republicans?


  25. 14 June, 2017 at 8:04 amdylan winter says:

    I have no power – aqnd no vote in America – but in my experience not telling lies is usually a good start for ant politican. One your best made a bit of a thing about not telling porkies. What trump does to health care or taxes is neither here nor there for me as a brit paying British taxes and using a British healthcare system

    – but a liar with his finger on the button is bloody frightening. He has already learned that firing missiles makes him more popular. He has crapped on Nato. He sucks up to the Russians and the saudis.

    That cabinet meeting was beyond parody

  26. 14 June, 2017 at 12:27 pmBaz Smith says:

    Ken makes a good point, but it does beg the question whether in a nation of more than 320 million, are those really the best candidates that they could come up with? To get someone to the White house requires massive financial and media backing and that doesn’t come for free, the backers expect a return on their investment and for their interests to be served. I suspect the candidates that the nation really needs to move forward would never get selected, let alone elected.

  27. 14 June, 2017 at 10:25 pmKenneth Butterly says:

    Dylan, I’d like to take a moment to address your last comment.

    You said: “I have no power…”

    Of course you have power. If you had no power, this conversation wouldn’t be taking place. You addressed your video comments and responses to what, thousands of people? And you did it without per-notification. In short, you addressed a captive audience. So you have and you used your power.

    You said: ” …in my experience not telling lies is usually a good start for ant politican.”

    Assuming you meant (any politician), let me suggest, you must be a very disappointed man. I’ve been around for 71 years and I haven’t met one (1) politician who hasn’t told an untruth at one time or another.

    You said: “What trump does to health care or taxes is neither here nor there for me…”

    Not directly, I agree. You have to remember, the millions that voted for Trump did so because they were tired of having to financially carry half of America – specifically, our bloated (ever growing – no matter which party was in power) bureaucracy and welfare system. Not to mention, our never-ending (Republican and Democrat) wars around the globe. Remember, we’ve been at war since Bill Clinton and NATO bombed Serbia in March, 1999. As far as Obamacare, those 62,979,879 voters knew they’d been screwed and that the over- priced, under-serving and soon to be bankrupt system had to go.

    Just as an aside, those total vote numbers represent a voting block the size to the total population of the UK. Wiki: According to the 2011 census, the total population of the United Kingdom was around 63,182,000.[1] It is the 22nd-largest in the world.

    So how does that affect non-Americans? Economies dependent on the taxation of half the citizenry, historically, do not grow. And a country that cannot grow, cannot be generous. There are places in the world that need assistance from our two countries. Places that Brit’s and Americans have traditionally and jointly helped. Less money, less supporting help. Also, a country that cannot grow, travels less and Britain is a country that depends a great deal on its American tourist trade.

    You said: “– but a liar with his finger on the button is bloody frightening. He has already learned that firing missiles makes him more popular.”

    Let’s see: “I did not have sex with that woman”, Bill Clinton; “Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction”, George Bush; “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.”; Barak Hussein Obama; – “Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Thursday called the film that helped provoke protestors to riot ‘disgusting and reprehensible.'”, Business Insider Sept 12, 2012 – (Regarding her original reason for the Benghazi attack.).

    So what has Trump lied about that resulted in outcomes worse than these? Bill Clinton bombs cities and kills people. George Bush bombs countries and kills people. Obama and Hillary bomb countries and cities and kill people. Trump wastes $50 million dollars worth of missiles on one Serian airbase runway and kills no one. And they didn’t even damage the runway! Did I think Trump’s firing missiles was a good idea? No.! But let’s try to keep things in perspective.

    You said: “He has crapped on Nato.”

    He didn’t “crap” on them, he demanded they pay their dues. In 2015, according to CNN Money, the US paid roughly $650 Billion or 3.61% of our GDP to NATO. Membership rules call for members to contribute 2% of their GDP in order to remain in the partnership. There are currently 28 members. There is a graph in that article that depicts five member nations that meet or exceed the 2% and five that do not. The five above 2% include: US – 3.61%; Greece – 2.38%; UK – 2.21%; Estonia – 2.16% and Poland – 2.00%. Five below include: France – 1.78%; Turkey – 1.56%; Germany – 1.19%; Italy – 1.1% and Canada – 0.99%. I didn’t have time to research the remaining members.

    Not to put too fine a point on this item; of the 2015 $900.5 Billion Dollar NATO Budget, the US contributed $650 Billion, or roughly 72%. UK contributed $60 Billion, France $44 Billion, Germany $40 Billion with the remaining 24 members contributing $106.5 Billion. Is our paying 72% of the bill not enough for you? The world has changed since 4 April 1949. There is no Soviet Union. There is no Warsaw Pact. The walls are down. The Cold War is over. Europe is no longer war torn, ravaged and destitute! Unlike 1949, America is now a debtor nation and all Trump and his 62,979,879 voters are asking for is that all members pay their dues per the agreement. Trump, unlike typical politicians in America and other parts of the world, including the UK, is fulfilling his promise to his voters and in the process, upsetting the rank and file political class here and abroad.

    You said: “He sucks up to the Russians and the saudis.”

    Was I asleep? Did Russia, Saidi Arabia or the Magic Kingdom declare war on the US, UK, or any other NATO nation? It is not against the law, not in the US or the UK for the head of state to talk to anyone he or she chooses, for any reason. I for one would rather have ideas uttered than guns fired. Wouldn’t you? We’ve had long standing business relations with both countries. Close to a century. Seems to me, until we go to war with someone, we talk. By the way, I don’t know how you feel about a US President bowing to a Saudi king. Obama did it and he also talked to Putin.

    You said: “That cabinet meeting was beyond parody”.

    Are you talking about Trumps cabinet? Wouldn’t YOU feel proud to be asked by the most powerful person on earth, and confirmed by the most powerful people in the land, to THEIR board? I know I would be. And I know I’d not hesitate to publicly thank the President for thinking enough of me and what I could bring to the table, to actually invited me aboard.

    I would think and act the same way if I were invited to sail with you!

    Bas Smith, your point: “but it does beg the question whether in a nation of more than 320 million, are those really the best candidates that they could come up with? To get someone to the White house requires massive financial and media backing and that doesn’t come for free, the backers expect a return on their investment and for their interests to be served. I suspect the candidates that the nation really needs to move forward would never get selected, let alone elected.”

    Bas, I too wish we could have gotten someone as smooth as Barak Obama and as capable as Donald Trump. That person never offered to come out and play. We have the man we have, warts and all, and as a loyal American, I hope he can end the wars we’re in, keep us out of new ones and bring about a more prosperous country than I’ve seen in the last twelve years.

    Guys, in your heart you have the believe things will be ok. Those that aren’t are acting crazy. So take a few deep breaths. And remember Dylan, while you’re crawling the creaks and editing the films: Employment levels in Britain have not dropped because Trump became America’s president. The BBC’s still operating. NHS is still operating. Bureaucrats are still bureaucrating. The post is still being delivered. Parliament is still active and meeting in Westminster. And Charles is STILL hoping and waiting to take the thrown. And in spite of the fact that smoke kippers are back in style, seems to me like Trump has not affected anything of importance to the average Brit in Britain (holding breath here), yet.

    Now, can we go back to sailing? Please?

  28. 14 June, 2017 at 11:17 pmdylan winter says:

    thanks for that Kenneth

    you make several interesting points

    many are good ones

    you and I disagree on the honesty of politicians

    I have met a lot of them working as a BBC journalist.

    Trump is out on his own

    I think you are being terribly complacent

    I could go back to posting films just about sailing

    but I only have the one river to make films about

    and Trump is more important than an old bloke schlepping up and down the same river


  29. 15 June, 2017 at 12:16 amsteveeasy says:

    it is a strange topic. Dylan understands its relevance. So do I. of course no one said he should sell his house. he works hard with ass costs to make the films. he should be free to sell/charge and get recompense for his wonderful work.

    Several months ago I offered to tap to help with his problem with a serial xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Then I am afraid I took offense over an issue. I did not like the term freeloaders.

    Regardless if you offer support or not, your a bad person if your not a tapper. theres a lesson to learn from that. I never watch bikini clad boring videos ever. who does ?


  30. 19 August, 2017 at 11:25 pmDavid Priest says:

    Have only just seen this, apologies haven’t watched you for a few months. Nothing to do with the quality of your blogging, but just I can’t afford a boat at the moment and it makes me grumpy. I’ve just tapped paypal for this because I want to buy you a pint, Great observations on the Trump issue, I totally agree with you we are in dangerous polarised times and there are groups/tribes/ governments who will exploit this. What is happening now is more pernicious than Watergate and makes the world a very dangerous place. Thank you for speaking out man. David Priest (Shetland)

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