Don’t worry

Sorry to see that you got slightly nervous about letting me hold your dollar while you watch the film in high res. I am an honourable man and this is a no quibble promise.

The idea of this is to keep the films available for free yet get people to make the tiniest cost free commitment and to encourage lurkers to become engaged.

If, after letting me hold your dollar,  you take a moment to leave a comment (nice or otherwise)  then   I will wing the dollar back to you as soon as I am aware that the comment has been made.

This is a human being here so the repayment will be made manually and cost me around 15 cents to make – it will cost you nothing. 

If after watching some films you like them so much that you become overwhelmed by a  burst of altruism that spurs you to encourage  me to  continue making intelligent, lyrical, thoughtful sailing films –  rather than films about swimming pigs and bikinis –  then that would be wonderful.

Dylan Winter – fellow sailor


I like your films
thanks for chipping in


This is about Sailing around Britain.

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