ebike VI – Advice from ebike guru Anthony

I emailed a few people who offer mid drive kits about the bike project

some massively overspecced or priced what I was after - some did not reply

But I got some great replies from Tony


I have a raleigh chiltern that is very comfortable

in our house we call it "The Vicar"

https://image.ibb.co/dbT6NF/ S1350012.jpg

https://image.ibb.co/i1LE9v/ S1350016.jpg

I would like to convert it to electrical power.

I weigh 14 stone, am 6 foot tall, and 61 years old and have many steep hills near to us

I would like to fit a 500w mid drive and 45 or 36 volt battery on the rack on the back.

can you supply the kit that will fit?

am I likely to be stopped by the police for an illegal bike while riding around woodbridge


PS - I am a sailing blogger - 2 million youtube hits at www.keepturningleft.co.uk

I intend blogging the bike project

https://www.keepturningleft. co.uk/sailing-around-britain/ ktl-e-bike-project/


Hello Dylan

Assuming the Raleigh Chiltern has a standard bottom bracket - between 68mm-73mm measured on the underside of the frame between the pedals, and an inside diameter of approximately 33.5mm, then the Bafang mid-drive electric motor will fit.

Does your bike have a Sturmey Archer 3-speed internally geared rear hub? If so, you would need to take extra care when changing gear under load as the extra torque and power going to the rear wheel can cause premature wear to the gears. I can supply an optional gear change sensor if required.

There is a 48v and 36v motor option available with either a 36v17ah or 48v15.4ah Lithium rack battery (includes rack - please see attached photos). These batteries use high quality Samsung or LG 18650 lithium cells, and will provide a realistic assisted range of between 35-60 miles depending on the amount of power used.

If you were to opt for the 500w motor you would need to be extra vigilant when out riding. It is unlikely you would draw any unwanted attention unless you were riding the bike irresponsibly. Only use the higher power levels when you really need to, and try and ride the bike in the lowest level of assist or with no assist at all when on easy rides. Also you would need to limit the assisted speed to 15mph for extra safety - this can be done through the display, and once set, cannot be altered whist riding.

The worse case scenario is if you were involved in a serious collision with a pedestrian or another vehicle. Your bike could seized and inspected, if it was found to be producing more than 250w of continuous power and capable of pedal assistance exceeding 15.5mph, then it would be classed as a moped. You could potentially be prosecuted for riding an unlicensed, untaxed and uninsured vehicle. If a third party was seriously injured you could even face charges of causing seriously injury by dangerous driving and potentially face a lengthy prison sentence.

The price of the 500w kit is as follows:
500w 36v or 48v Bafang BBS02B mid-drive electric bicycle motor with standard LCD display, cable brakes with cut-off sensors £425.
36v17ah Rack battery with rack using LG cells £295
48v15.6ah Rack battery with rack using Samsung cells £375
DPD tracked delivery £8.

A road legal 250w 36v Bafang BBS01 would cost £365 plus the cost of the battery.

Please note: I do not keep these kits and batteries in stock - they are purchased to order direct from my supplier and usually take 7-14 working days to get to the UK.

If you need any more information, please contact me on 07912624425.

Kind regards


one more thing Tony,

on my website one of the blokes said

from the pictures, it looks like 'The Vicar' has a trusty Sturmey Arc 3 speed hub, which means it will have 1/2 by 1/8"" chain. Most modern bikes are 1/2 by 3/32"" I'd be surprised if you could find an e-drive which runs on 1/2 by 1/8th. You can get different rear sprockets for the gear hub, but that's specialist (and expensive) kit.

is this a problem?



Hi Dylan

I believe your bike was manufactured in the 1980's, so not too sure on chain compatibility with the standard Bafang 44t front chainring. I know that Sturmey Archer are now owned by the Taiwanese company 'Sunrace' and they still sell the 3-speed hub, so if there was a compatibility issue, I would imagine it would be straightforward enough to change the rear sprocket.

Interestingly the Sturmey Archer 3-speed is one of the hubs that is recommended to work particularly well with the Bafang system.




Dylan here again. Thanks for you excellent responses.

I want to fit a 250 watt motor and wrack mount battery

My daughter lives in amsterdam so I have bought one of these

https://www.bsp-fietsen.nl/ fietsen/transport-utility/ viking/

569 euros

it was in a discount place - megabikes


where it was rebranded lowland and had the price at 399 euros

this the blog of the trip to rotterdam - so far each post had been seen by around 600 old blokes

https://www.keepturningleft. co.uk/sailing-around-britain/ bike-iv/

I am filming all this and will turn it into a snappy three minutes for you tube

at the moment the films are just in a blog format and only visible via the website

I would expect the proper youtube film to get over 10,000 views

Can you quote me a price to supply a kit that will work with the big dutch bike - it has a 68 mm bottom bracket

33.6 to 33.9 inside diameter.

I am intending to buy this

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ Toolkit-for-mid-drive-eBike- kit-PANDA-MDRIVE-BAFANG-BBS01- RELO-/122403695944?epid= 688895226&hash=item1c7fd42d48: g:eKsAAOSwdGFYzYFq

I can put your contact details on the video blurb if you wish.

I can pay you with a click of paypal



Hi Dylan

Sorry for the delay in replying to your email.

The bike you have chosen looks like a perfect basis for a Bafang mid-drive conversion.

Do you have an idea of what assisted range you are hoping for?

I can supply 36v rack batteries in either black or brushed alloy cases with integrated tail lights and with an amp hour rating from 10.4ah all the way to 25ah. There is also a range of high quality lithium cells available from LG, Sanyo, Samsung or Panasonic. The Sanyo and Panasonic NCR18650GA cells are widely considered the best (Tesla use Panasonic NCR18650 cells in their cars) but they do comand a premium. Most of the batteries I supply use the LG or Samsung cells which are slightly cheaper, but consistently perform excellently.

A slightly cheaper option would be a custom built Lithium pack concealed in a pannier bag (please see photos).

Let me know what you think and I will work out a price for a complete package.

Regarding the Panda toolkit, it looks like it has everything you will need to do a conversion with the exception of an inner lockring spanner (photo below). I noticed they have included a c-spanner which is not an ideal solution as it is necessary to tighten the ring to around 60nm of torque and in my experience, having used a c-spanner in the early days, they do have a tendency to slip off the notches on the ring when tightening. I believe there is a half inch socket available from a company in Germany for around €40.





36 volt is good

there is usually a neck point with value and power so I will let you decide what to recommend when it comes to the amps

woodbridge is eight miles away so massive range is not crucial

I want it on the rack, black would be good, lights would be good -

I will try the tool kit they offer and try to avoid slippage on tightening

if it does not work it will be good for the blog

if this works to my satisfaction I will convert my wife;s dawes step through

do you need to know how many teeth there are on the current sprocket or are they standard now




Hi Dylan

A 13ah or 15ah battery should be ideal for your needs. There are 44t, 46t sprockets available. 44t seems to be the best all-rounder, but there are smaller chainrings available. I used a 36t Lekkie bling ring on my road bike and found that perfect for hilly Cornwall.

Let me know your thoughts and I will get back to you with a price.


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