ebike VII – the bill for the bits – £706

The bill for the bits and the tools is…..


This from Nice Tony of this nice company


These are the closing emails

so can you order what I need for me?

Looking at the tool set I already have the allen keys, spanners etc

I do not have the crank puller, chain separator, ring spanner and crenalated socket. Would it be cheaper to buy those four separately?

should I shrink cover the joints?

can you supply the tools I need or should I just buy the tool kit

or another one

as soon as you decide what I need I can paypal the money to you


Hi Dylan

The number of teeth on the rear sprocket shouldn’t be an issue. I have converted a number of bikes with Shimano Nexus and Alfine hubs and usually the only modification you may need to make is a longer chain – assuming the standard chainring on your bike is 36-38t. The standard Bafang chainring starts at 44t.

I have a crank puller and Shimano bottom bracket socket in stock and can order the Bafang open ended spanner and decent quality chain tool easily enough.

The price would be as follows:
Bafang BBS01B 250w with C961 LCD display £365 or £385 with C965 display (more functionality including real-time watt meter).
36v12ah Black case rack mounted Lithium battery pack using Samsung cells and 20A BMS with integrated tail light £265 (including charger).
Bafang inner and outer lockring spanner, £15.95
Crank puller and Shimano bottom bracket socket £9.95
X-tools chain tool £6.95
PayPal fee 3.5% £23.19
Total £686.39
If you would prefer the C965 display the total would be £706.74 including PayPal fee of £23.89
UK shipping would be included in the price.

The batteries are built to order and usually arrive in the UK in 14 days. I also add a generous amount of excellent quality Mobilgrease28 to the main gear inside the motor to reduce long term wear (the motors are shipped from the factory with only a small amount of grease).

If you would like to proceed, let me know which display option you require and I will send you a PayPal invoice.


So there we have it

Bike – £350

Components £706

If this works we might be able to dump one of the cars…

might be able to…..


The more rational among you will realise that for £960 I could go out and buy a ready made electric bike… however at that price point the bikes are often rather small, sometimes folder but most frequently mountain bikes with 21 gears – buggerall good to me in east anglia.

They would also be hub drive rather than pedal drive.

I have made many stupid decisions in my life…. we shall son discover if this was one of them.  Entertaining though so that is the main point of the excercise. If we can kill one car then that would be marvelous.



This is about Sailing around Britain.

6 Responses to “ebike VII – the bill for the bits – £706”

  1. 13 September, 2017 at 3:34 pmDave Barker says:

    Sounds like a better deal than buying a cheap electric bike. Mind you, I do stupid things like renovating a 30 year old plywood boat because I couldn’t find what I wanted on the used market here in Portugal for a decent price. Four years, loads of work, loads of new plywood, glass and epoxy later I’ve finally managed to launch it this summer and this time it didn’t leak – well it didn’t leak in the same place which is progress I suppose…yes…yes! It IS progress….. Oh God please tell me that it’s progress……..

  2. 13 September, 2017 at 10:13 pmSteve C says:

    Ever considered a moped/small motorbike? Cheap as chips to run and get you further and faster – if that is what you need.

  3. 14 September, 2017 at 9:19 amStephen Mundane says:

    Good old Nice Tony. You’d likely get at least half your money back on the second-hand E-Vicar if you decided to sell a couple of years down the road (pun intended) as you’ll have a quality product there. Nothing like the excitement and sense of accomplishment of doing it yourself and if you can avoid road tax, insurance and fuel duty even better.

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