Bobby the boater says “poetry soul and attitude”

Simple Dylan, I love what you do. I love the fact you (mostly) aren’t crossing oceans – but getting to know your own land intimately.

It’s my approach to sailing as well. There’s so much to see that gets ignored and to see in different weather conditions and times of day.
And you do it with a bit of poetry, soul and attitude.
I watch La Vagabond and a whole lot of others too, but you are the only one I’ve ever chipped in for.
That said, I think you need to focus less on them – it’s too easy to get bitter. They are doing their own thing and it’s perfectly valid. As a MOB, I just prefer what you do.
I’d send more but currently not employed and I have a boat habit of my own …
Reboot it, baby!
This is about Dylan Winter's Blog, Sailing around Britain.

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