21 year old Canuck MOB

I’d love to get my hands on something like a Contessa 26 or 32, or something else along those lines (old, solid performance at sea, plus I love the folk-boat look of the Contessa 26), but honestly like you say it’ll probably be another little shitbox, whatever is cheap that will float.

I’d be sailing right now if I could, but I had to sell my last little boat because I was penniless and about 6k in debt, so I’m back with the family trying to pay off the debt. Once I’m $0 in debt, I’ll be back at it again. That’s where I went wrong last time, you can do it on a shoestring, but that doesn’t work out so well if the credit card company is constantly stealing your shoes.

Honestly I don’t know why everyone thinks they need some fancy $200K (or way more) yacht to get out sailing. I bought my little sailboat “Seileastar” for $2000 last summer and lived and sailed on her for 6 months. That beats paying rent just about anywhere I can think of, that’s for sure. She was a Coronado 25 from the late 70’s. I attached a picture of myself sailing her up in Howe Sound (BC, Canada) if you’re interested.

As to why I’d pitch in a bit of the old queen’s face, well, I figured it wasn’t going to set me back more than a day at the most when it all came down to it, but hopefully I’m not the only one sending something your way, and it can help you get back out there, and sooner rather than later! I’ve been off of my boat for 4 or 5 months now and it’s killing me, and watching you do what you do is a great way to forget that I’m a long way from the sea.

“la Vagabond” and the other rich folk’s sailing channels are fun and all to watch, but you’re a hell of a lot closer to something I can aspire to, which makes it so much better to watch.

Sorry for writing such a wall of text, most of the folks here think that I’m a nutter for doing what I did previously, and a raving madman for dreaming of doing it again :P




this was my reply


Love the wall of text L

perfect boat

as for old ones I was walking down a pontoon with a bloke with a 50 footer – brand new

he turned to me and said – the trouble with boats is that they burn 10 per cent of their value per year just to keep them

I thought – bloody hell if I could keep my boat for £500 a year on a marina pontoon and over all the costs I would be well chuffed.

terrible sails there on your boat – but a bad sail drives you almost as well as a new one

My son works in London – he has just bought a canal boat to live on

he borrowed 30K from Jill and is paying it back to her slowly

I love sleeping on boats – obsession it a strong word but it fits

I am hoping to get back to the rough stuff as soon as I can

the clock is ticking for me

61 and fit – but for how long I do not know

anything you as a web savvy young man to spread the word on the web most grateful

the tit shows are crap

really crap and they are bringing in $9,000 a week –

goodonthem for earning it  – but their films are still crap compared to mine – not arrogance – take away the tits and no-one would watch

I spent three month  filming loggers  on your big island

spent my evenings looking lovingly at the sound

what a place to sail

as my dad used to say
count your blessings and forget your woes

I am have never sailed in warm water – 61 and always the cold stuff – like you I suspect

frightened to sail in warm water now

might suddenly realise what a nirk I have been

thanks for the properly written email

can’t be shagged with all that

thanks L

your email raised my spirits


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  1. 17 February, 2017 at 3:30 pmDave Barker says:

    From personal experience I can tell you that warm water sailing (coastal, that is, it can be bloody cold in the middle of the ocean anywhere) WILL spoil you for the cold stuff unless you are young enough to re-acclimatize (is that American spelling?). 61 might be young enough providing you don’t stay in the warm areas for more than a couple of years. One thing though, Great Britain (sounds better than UK) has some of the best sailing in the world when it comes to scenic variety and pubs. Your videos are helping my mind-set keep a foot in the door re returning one day………….. aw, who am I kidding, no way, too bloody cold even in the summer.

    • 17 February, 2017 at 4:49 pmdylan winter says:

      that is one of the reasons I am keen to get back to scotland – at the moment I am pretty good. I was not really cold in scotland – you can always dress against the cold – you cannot really dress against the damp. I had no way of protectiong the cameras. I expect to be sailing with all the doors and windows open most of the time

  2. 23 February, 2017 at 4:07 amROBERT C LORD says:

    Do I get to be the first to insist that most of the nature part of your films are the most beautiful ART ?

    • 23 February, 2017 at 6:46 amdylan winter says:

      nature is always the most beautiful bit of anything anywhere – you are right.But I also like the way that the forces of nature have shaped the world and, miracle of miracle, a sailing boat exploits those natural forces in the most glorious way

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