Enterprise sailor Kevin – No Netflix billionaire

On and off I suppose I have been visiting your website and watching your videos for more than a year now and I’ve had so much enjoyment and value from KTL that I thought I really need to stick my hand in my PayPal pocket and pay something for the privilege; also, perhaps, in the selfish hope that you will continue doing it for a while longer. Assuming I continue to watch your videos – which I’m sure I will – I’ll chip in a few pounds from time to time. My justification is that everybody else has NetFlix; this is my equivalent, but you very kindly allow us to pay what we want when we want. I’ll tell you what Dylan, your business model is great for us punters but it won’t make you the next internet billionaire. Thank you.

What you produce is heart-warming, feel-good stuff that brightens up a mundane evening much better than anything on the telly; although a good old “Two Ronnies” episode might drag me away for an hour.

You do the sort of sailing in the sort of boats that I reckon a lot of us MOBs consider “I’d love to do that, and I could” as we approach retirement age if not actual retirement. I also reckon that you have probably inspired a good few of us to actually go out and buy that boat and do it.

So please do “Keep on Turning Left” until, maybe, one morning you wake up and decide that the duvet and central heating are more welcoming than a damp sleeping-bag and fresh air (ie, cold air).

Best Wishes,


This is about Dylan Winter's Blog, Sailing around Britain.

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