Gaffer Jim’s barging ancestors

Wasn't expecting a personal reply - thanks very much.  I do hope you complete the circumnavigation.  I love watching the series.  I have the Stour/Orwell/Deben dvd's and I watch them over and over.
I have lived here on the US West Coast most of my life but I spent a good part of my early years in England, I'm from Kent, Sittiingbourne/Faversham area (the Swale).  My father was one of the last of the Thames sailing barge skippers sailing out of Milton Creek.  The Britton's were a barging family back several generations; they settled in Kent in the 1860's they came there from Little Oakley just a few miles from Harwich.  A short piece about the family can be found on Google:  Milton Creek Memories - Barging Family Memories or at:
I think there are similarities between Western Oregon and England, not the least of which is the weather.  I can't fathom the logistics of riding a horse from Kansas to Oregon in these days, how did you navigate the motorways, private lands and fences (did you carry wire cutters?). Amazing!  Puts me in mind of David Grant - do you know of him?  He drove a one horse caravan around the world with his young family in tow.  His book - The Seven Year Hitch.  He wrote another book Spirit of the Vikings about another adventure - by kayak from Sweden to Odessa in the Ukraine. I don't know him personally, he is the friend of a friend.
I sold my boat last month.  It is a Cornish Crabber Mk1 one of 3 or 4 that made it to this side of the pond, hull # 56, Cabarowse - an archaic Cornish term: to haul on a rope with loud singing and shouting.   I only had it 3 years; Oregon isn't much of a sailing spot - most of the sailing is done on lakes - due to lack of habours on the coast.  I think the Puget Sound and Canada's Salish Sea must be one the best sailing spots in the world but the Crabber was not quite in the category of a trailer sailer, it became apparent that it did not suit my situation.  I sold it for $15,000 which is what I paid for it - not bad for a 40 year old boat.  But I do miss it, I hope my next boat is a gaff rig.
Until then I will content myself with watching KTL.  Are you still selling the dvd's?  I have an older telly and it's in another part of the house from the computer room, I don't think it would adapt to running off the computer - or perhaps it is me that can't adapt, but it works well with the dvd player.  I will attach some photos of sailing Cabarowse in BC,Canada.  Thanks for a wonderful sailing program.
James Britton
This is about Dylan Winter's Blog, Sailing around Britain.

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