Giant folding Bikes

Dear Giant people,

Could you pass this on up the line a bit

This is my website

I have been making films about sailing around Britain for the past seven years

This is my youtube site

1.3 million hits

youtube hits and subscribers   youtube stats feb 5 to march 5 device

it shows half a million minutes watched over the past month

This a typical web page going up the Nene with bikes on the bow

the bikes are in many shots

these are beautifully made films

6,000 vimeo downloads in the past week.

youtube tells me that the blokes watching are mostly aged 50 t0 60

I have about 2,000 very keen followers

small boat owners who are interested in bikes that fold and can take their weight

last summer we had a Brompton - over 3,000 old blokes watched my wife erect it

I am 6 foot tall and 14 stone

may I promote your folding bikes

they look to be just what I need

and I think a fair proportion of my 2 to 3,000 followers will too



This is about Sailing around Britain.

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