Go-Cart Skye sailor Pawel

Hi Dylan,
I was sad to learn that you had to sale the boat. In today’s world it is easy to forget that the online content available for free takes time and effort to make. I must admit I've been spoiled by Open Source community and the great stuff they’ve been producing for years.
What may have started as bit of experiment quickly turned into very well made video blog that is great fun to watch - and that’s worth every penny!
Thanks again. It’s been a great fun sailing with you, your family and your mates. I shall continue watching the new adventures and keep tapping as we go along.
Attached are a few photos of Go-Cart. The grey one is taken somewhere West of Skye (actually, it's on our way to Plockton).
Best regards,
She’s 1977 built Carter 30 (US design by Dick Carter). They handle well in all sensible conditions and have a reputation for being fast, safe pocket cruisers. In UK they were built under the licence by Northshore Yachts. Admittedly, she is early IOR design but her lines and heavy weather performance were not spoiled by later experiments with the rule. Someone wrote on a forum that Contessas and Carters were amongst best performers during unfortunate Fastnet ’79 race. I never managed to verify it so please take this as urban myth. I sailed one from Iceland to Scotland and we were delivering the boat that just completed the high latitudes adventure.
We bought Go-Cart in 2012 in Scotland. The plan was to sail there for about 3 weeks and get South, somewhere closer to Nottingham. In the end, it took us 3 years to make this decision.
The scenery is absolutely astonishing. Born and bred Pole I always mentally disassociated mountains from the sea and Scotland is obviously - quite opposite. The weather is tough, I concur, but it taught us that exactly the same landscape could change so rapidly into something so different but equally (if not more) beautiful. The sky changes like the sands of Moray you were on about in one of your films ☺
Best regards, keep calm and keep turning left,
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