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Hello Dylan and congratulations on the Lily M outcome.  When I flew out of the UK just over three weeks ago you were up at Kip with Lily M…….. I have just returned and the whole drama is done and dusted.  I followed it all online of course and chucked in the odd comment here and there.  I gave some thought to your expenditure and the problems of persuading more folk to chip in, rather than getting the faithful to chip in more dosh.  I just checked my cheque stubs and I see that in the 24 months between Jan 2015 and Jan 2017 I sent you a total of £240 to help you along with the KTL project.
Two points here……….. the first is that as an ‘old bloke’ who doesn’t do Paypal and taps I really feel that you should better promote the pay by post option for UK followers at the very least. Seeing an invitation to tap but not being a ‘tapper’, too many viewers will just move on and there goes a bit of useful income.  The second point is a purely personal view of KTL funding.     I do not feel any compunction to make a payment because I particularly enjoy one of your films. I enjoy all of them and find them entertaining, educational, beautiful to watch and sometimes very funny. I subscribe to the whole happy KTL adventure with it’s priceless band of MOBs and their endless comments from the practical to the frankly ribald. Your hard work, enthusiasm and technical skills shine out from your work and I will continue to bung you the occasional payment just to help, as I have always done.  There……..’nuff said’    S
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  1. 15 February, 2017 at 9:47 pmSteven f says:

    Totally agree with about buying in to the adventure. The small 4 min vlogs are worth just as much as the remarkable hour long films.
    The whole thing is gripping!
    So we are all wondering what now ( or at least when)
    U have put ifs and buts ànd maybe”s in many of ur recent posts. One I think because u trutly unsure, and two to try and scare us.
    But there is a goal in the shape of a 25 foot motor sailor.
    And u sort of gave us a gold of £2000 to edit the next video.
    So what this not so old bloke would like is a tally
    With markers to the next goal and how much till u can buy and sail it.
    Or smile, nod, agree and do what ever ur going to do anyway.

    I’m taking the sigma to foxes (ipswitch)
    If u fancy a sail. Will stop at queensbough for the evening
    Will be a good crack

    • 15 February, 2017 at 10:03 pmdylan winter says:


      in some ways you are correct – I have a goal – I have said what it is

      but my daughter, who is in the driving seat on this one says that I have to persuade blokes to pay for the enjoyment and value of the films to them not for the cost of a boat and a pontoon. As she says, when you go to see a rolling stones concert the ticket has nowt to do with the cost of sir micks bus ticket to get to the gig. That is the problem with crowd funding – it is aimed at a target. back to sir mick – if you thought that he would turn up just for the price of the bus ticket you would hold back to make sure you were not the one to pay. The albert hall holds 4,000 people. KTL films are seen by three albert halls of people in the first year. Each day a whole Albert hall of people watch at least one my films.

      as people walk out of the figurative albert hall they pass lovely girls in yellow bikinis shaking yellow buckets full of loose change at them asking for some cash for the goood time SDir Mick has given them. With KTL 98.5 per cent of them shove their hands in their pockets and look the other way. These are people who have devoted many, many hours to sailing with me.

      My daughter says that the films have to be valued according to the pleasure they give. That is an individual thing. At one time blokes were buying dvd sets at £15 a KTL season – double dvd with four hours on them. I am sure that most of them were buying the DVds for the pleasure they gave not to further the cause of a jowly bloke in a shit boat.

      I have recently been receiving the odd $200 tap from the states – where 80 per cent of my recent income derives – When I ask why they gave that figure they say that was the price of 8 DVD sets in dollars.

      Does this make sense to you? If you are merely chipping in to hit a target then you are, in some ways, undermining the value of the films. You are also dooming the project to failure by ever smaller budgets.

      The old target based idea – letting people think that they are helping an adventurous old bloke to sail around an island – has ended up with me selling the boat

      all I can say is that every penny will go into making the films as good as I can. But if I am to continue one way or another I have to persaude more of the blokes who watch for freemans to chip in


      PS – as for going for a sail – great offer but it is a bit like driving in a nice hire car for a week and then coming back to your own heap of junk. It is a painful experience. I love solo sailing – it is the freedom I love. I want to be in charge.

      • 16 February, 2017 at 2:37 amJGJ says:

        Dylan I do hope that if you stop having fun with this… that you’ll stop.

        • 16 February, 2017 at 7:28 amdylan winter says:

          I love my life – I love sailing in tough new interesting places

          sailing gently up and down the same stretch of river will drive me bonkers and back to smoking weed

          cash flow has been crap this last year since the DVds died

          I was looking at paypal – the whole of last year I earned 5K

          this spring since I started asking for money seriously from the youtubers – as per eleanors instructions I have had 4K come in – mostly from the lovely yanks

          that is a long way short of what I need to do a proper job of scotland – but amazing progress.

          I am not looking forwward to a summer mostly in a sunny room sitting at a pair of computer monitors – but if I have a target I can do it.

          I am desperate to get back to scotland – time is of the essence

          stick with me on this lads

          eleanors plan is working

      • 16 February, 2017 at 3:59 pmMark says:

        In my opinion your daughter is both right and wrong. For the majority of people, what she is suggesting is absolutely correct, but there is also a number of people for how rewarding noteworthy videos is not the way to go. I am not going to watch all of your videos, some of them do not interest me but I am extremely interesting in supporting you making these videos even if I am not watching all of them. To my mind what’s the point in only rewarding you for each film I like when so doing means that you may reach a point where it is not economical for you to continue. What happens if you make a series of videos that few people watch? If tapping is the only income stream the making of videos stops. On the other hand, regular support for the process doesn’t suffer this.

        For me, and people like me, the answer is not tapping but regular donation.

        The question is, of course, is the number of people who want to make a regular donation significant. Judging by the recent requests for a Pateron account or similar, perhaps it is.

        • 16 February, 2017 at 5:05 pmdylan winter says:

          here is the maths

          la vagabonde has 250,000 hits per bikini film and 1200 patrons paying $6 each

          I have 12,000 views per film so on that basis 50 patrons

          the paypa; is workling well and is also driving the message home that people should pay for the films rather than the acheivement of an old bloke sailing a crap boat around a small island

          the yanks appear to be getting it

          they account for 40 per cent of the views but 80 per cent of the income – they are far more prepared to donate to the arts than us brits

          I have two choices – do what you suggest or defy my aggressively vigilant daighter.

          Incidentally, I am touch with drake pargon who does the same thin on cold water in a 50 footer. As soon as he started patreon the paypal dropped to zero

          a bird in the hand an all that


  2. 15 February, 2017 at 9:54 pmPeter Truelove says:

    S makes some very valid points about your funding for KTL. You just need more people to see things his way. I very much hope that you find them. P.

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