Great Lakes Bazza says “actual”

Hi D, it's great to see so many MOBs chipping in for the cause. I was reading some of their e-mails and looking at their boats and thought I should send another small amount to help out. I think it's great you will get the chance to complete your project. I'm sure of it. I follow several different sailing channels, including the ones on big, rich boats. Some of them have great films, but they're all missing the ingredient you have and that's the actual sailing. I learn something every time I watch one of your films and I actually get to see the mechanics of sailing. Well done, continue on! And, if you do get one of those Fisher pilot house boats in say France, or Denmark or Norway I'm available if you need help getting it to Scotland. I've already checked my calendar. Regards Bazza

This is about Dylan Winter's Blog, Sailing around Britain.

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