Herresoff Mike from Puget Sound says “Even my wife, Kathy, is hooked”

I just popped into your website and noted that your cruising journey may be temporarily suspended.  Like many others (perhaps) I am one of those "lurkers" sneaking in for free and enjoying the occasional video, always intending on making a donation but never quite doing so.  I hope I am not too late.  I just made a small 10 pound contribution through Paypal.  Let me know if you do not see it coming through.  I wish I could do more right now but am retired, and seemingly awash in wooden boat projects of my own.  And, of course, we are fighting a few battles over here on the political front that require support as well.
I hope you can re-start your journey.  Your film work is excellent and the trip inspirational. Watching, and just as importantly, listening to the sea and wildlife on your videos is almost akin to therapy. Your narration is excellent and you use it in moderation, most unusual in today's sound bite era.  Even my wife, Kathy, is hooked.


Warmest regards and I do hope you keep sailing.
Mike Murray
This is about Dylan Winter's Blog, Sailing around Britain.

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