Ice Cold Rowing Roger from Mystic Harbour “ideal length”

You Are Welcome Dylan.

You are also a very good judge of character, if I may say so.
Regarding what I do during the cold winter here, it dovetails nicely with my act of ... not altruism, but rather what I prefer to think of as enlightened self interest.  I first learned about KTL from John Vigor's blog (unfortunately discontinued late last year).  Over several months of good weather last summer and fall - until I put the boat away - I had a chance to view a few episodes of KTL and enjoyed them quite a bit.  During the winter, to keep in shape, both above and below the neck, I get exercise on a rowing machine in my basement in front of a large screen TV (my big telly).  KTL is really the only sailing video that I have found that is diverting enough to keep my mind off the fact that I am exercising.  Also, I can pretty reliably find an episode that is an appropriate length for my time and ambition constraints.
So, it really is I who should be thanking you...hence the donation.
Regarding the boat: my "big boat" below is a Bristol 27.  Very sea kindly, as they say; and gets me around Narragansett Bay, our local cruising grounds and the home of Nathaniel Herreshoff.
I'm also including a snap of my dinghy - a stitch and glue skiff that I built with my 11 year old daughter at the family boat building activity sponsored by Wooden Boat Magazine at their annual Wooden Boat Show at nearby Mystic Seaport - a real gas and great for father daughter relations.
Thank you, again.  I'm looking forward to viewing all seasons in order, and whatever else you have on the drawing board (hopefully completion of the west and south coasts).
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  1. 15 March, 2017 at 9:37 pmsimon leslie ellis says:

    Love your boats Roger. What a great finish on the Bristol 27. (Shipshape and Bristol fashion as we say – please excuse the slight pun). Back in 1980, I did a coach tour of the USA east coast. Visited the Mystic boat building attraction. It felt like I was in heaven.

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