Jooste from Holland says “love your films”

Hi Dylan,
Like others, I was shocked when I realized that KTL should stop. As a follower since years ago I should have tapped more often I think. At the other hand – I maybe got the impression that there was no need, it was not necessary by your being so relaxed, so optimistic, positive. I don’t know. I just was not thinking about it.
It is much said – and I can just repeat: love your films, the comments, and even more the parts without the comments: the long lasting shots of water, air, birds, clouds of birds, life slowly floating, silence.
I am sailing an older Dutch design, Trintella, berthing in the south of Holland, I love the waters here around, one good hour sailing from the Northsea, and every summer I cross and visit the English east-coast. Time ago you advised me to sell this ship and buy a twin-keeler. Hm… still doubting (…not really, I love her).
I hope that it will be possible for you, with our help, to keep the site alive. As fas as I know it is inspiring for a lot of people (friends around me).


My son, studying art-history in Amsterdam, a sailor too, old 19 years, joined me, 55, last summer when we crossed over to Southwold. Going-to was easy, emotional for him, arriving in the harbor, we stayed a bit around, days, he recognized the sheds from your films! Going-back was tough, over 6 Bf, but  we’ll be back within some months, together. My wife and second son will stay at home, they love earth more than water ;)
There’s a time children’s ideas change to comments, to instructions even. And when I hear myself talking to my parents (84 and 85) I have to say honestly that instructions more and more are going to change into orders…
I am so sorry for you that you had to let go your boat.
Let’s see what’s next. Hope that you’ll find a way to tell the stories you were telling. It is not finished I believe. And keep us informed. Let us (your fans, friends, followers, stalkers) know what your needs are. You have seen now maybe that you can be surprised about how much people feel connected to you, to your stories.
Wish you all the best. And your lovely and beautiful wife, co-sailor too, and your labrador.


This is about Sailing around Britain.

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