Kayaking Parkers take a swift one to sailing mindfulness

We will keep supporting your films for as long as you feel you can make them.

You are doing what many of us dream doing and joining your dream vicariously is better than just trying to imagine in your own what it would be like. I think you are braver than me – I would be quite intimidated to have my yacht up in the Shetland Isles for more than a passing visit. A quick touch of base before running back to the ‘mainland’ and the comfort of the largest British isle.

The films you make are sailing mindfulness for us. Watching them allows us to relax into the calm and unhurried pace of life in a small yacht wandering around the coast. The lingering shots of birds or mud or the variety of other floating flotsam and jetsam – some of which appear to be other people’s boats allow us to reach a state of happiness that cannot be achieved by ┬áNetflix or I-player.



There is a trend towards slow television at the moment as an antidote to the blandness and artificially rapid pace of much programming. We like your films. There are no continuous updates on what the programme is going to show next , what it has already shown , shots of presenters having effortless fun and everything overlaid with swelling music.

So for slow TV fans, for those of us who dream of doing what you are doing, for those who enjoy seeing you visit places we have sailed or places we might like to sail and for allowing us to have 40 minutes of calm introspection where the cares of the world simply drift away in the outgoing tides of your video….. please continue! We sail a Swift 18 out of St Just creek on the Fal in Cornwall. We have had bigger boats and travelled further but day sailing and the odd overnight suits us right now. We take sea kayaks and bikes to explore the rest of the UK.

I realise 2017 will be a different year for you but actually sailing around the east coast for a year may be quite rejuvenating. Whatever happens, stick to the dream.

David and Jackie Parker

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3 Responses to “Kayaking Parkers take a swift one to sailing mindfulness”

  1. 9 March, 2017 at 4:03 pmJustin Harley says:

    Hear hear. Couldn’t agree more. Why has the news and documentaries all adopted this moronic tel you 3 times approach and unnecessary long pretty poses by the speaker contemplating their own narcissism..
    Thank God, Dylan you achieve beautiful photography without all that self absorbed twaddle!
    Just hope you can keep it up.

  2. 24 March, 2017 at 4:56 amScott Weber says:

    Hi. Enjoyed the flicks. Been watching you and George Carlin to distract me from the Political Insanity here. Trumpass has got to go soon !!!!!!!!!!!
    I at least I had a good sense of your sailing on the Centuar. I sold my 1979 Westerly Griffin a year ago. Her name is Grefyne. Looking for for a Westerly Fulmor or Konsort, not many around these parts. Keep up the great work. Sail on and fear not.
    Scott Weber, Northampton, Massachusetts, USA

    • 24 March, 2017 at 6:46 amdylan winter says:

      Thanks Webers – flicks – have not heard that word for ages – as kids we always called them the flicks….The old centaur is a better sailer than I am – she looked after us. It was me who was the weakest link


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