KeepTurningLeft Season 1 Film 10 West Mersea

West Mersea

– home of the Duck Punt and the poshest yachting place in Essex.

west mersea 2 canvas shore 1 canvas gaffer canvas dinghy canvas punt canvas e baots canvas slug canvas shit boat canvas wreck canvas dinghy 3 canvas punt 2 canvas old boat 1 canvas bird 1 canvas river canvas house boat canvas slies canvas fishing boat canvas



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Thanks for watching the film. If you wish to stream it then use the expander button on the film and click to HD to watch it at it best stream. If you wish to download the film in the quality it left my desktop then you can access the original digits from the link above. You can download smaller size files for laptops and phones  by clicking on the Vimeo logo in the right hand corner  The films are  available for freemans – a gift from one  MOB small boat sailor to another. If you are enjoying the films and want to encourage me to continue with the journey and posting films please feel free to make a speciously hypothecated contribution towards the project. All funds will be spent on completing and filming the journey around Britain. Feel free to make copies of the films for other sailors to watch.


This is about KTL 1 : Blackwater, Colne and Walton Backwaters, Sailing around Britain.

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