KeepTurningLeft Season 1 Tollesbury and West Mersea


a place where mud berths stretch out into the salt marshes and can only be accessed by long walkways

tollesbury 2canvastollesbury 1 canvastollesbury bcanvastollesbury a canvastollebury 5 canvastolesbury canvashirondelle canvaswalkway canvastollesbury 9 canvaslight shi[p 1 canvasold boat canvaslittle yacht canvasmud berth canvas



West Mersea

I spent a decade racing small keelboats at West Mersea back in the days when I was a hot racing sailor... all behind me now


west mersea 1 canvas west mersea 2 canvas shore 1 canvas gaffer canvas dinghy canvas punt canvas e baots canvas slug canvas shit boat canvas wreck canvas dinghy 3 canvas punt 2 canvas



 Massive Storm in West Mersea


while on a mooring in West mersea this massive storm came through - very happy to have a short mast


old boat 1 canvas cloud canvas clouds canvas bird 1 canvas river canvas house boat canvas slies canvas skies canvas fishing boat canvas rain 2 canvas marshes canvas skies 4 canvas big cloud canvas






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