KeepTurningleft Season 1 Film 22 in low def Colne to Walton Backwaters

River Colne to the Walton Backwaters

Time to head along the coast past smelly Clacton and on towards the Walton Backwaters

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Above is a low bandwidth version of the film - designed to look good on a phone.
If you wish to see it in High Def on a decent screen then it will cost you $1.
If you buy the film it is yours in perpetuity, you can download it, give it to a friend or show it at a sailing club, you can chop it up into a new film, you can embed it in a sailing blog or forum or send the url of this page to a friend for him or her to enjoy it as a gift from you. All KTL films cost the same – some are short and some are long. Paypal will send you a link as soon as you click.



$1 to download or stream in HD


This is about KTL 1 : Blackwater, Colne and Walton Backwaters.

2 Responses to “KeepTurningleft Season 1 Film 22 in low def Colne to Walton Backwaters”

  1. 13 January, 2016 at 6:11 amTony says:

    Seems like wherever you put in you see beautiful sailing craft, and people that know what to do with them…

    • 13 January, 2016 at 8:51 amdylan winter says:

      I try to avoid filming numpties – however we re very lucky to have such a great sailing heritage here in the UK

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