KTL West Country Rivers 2 Fal, Tresillion and Truro in 144 x 256

Dear Sailors of small boats,

This is the second  of four films I made about a winter I spent on the Fal – that was just after buying Lily M and before moving her to scotland.


 Part i is mainly about the last fleet of sail fishing boats in the UK.   Part  two is about the upper reaches of the Fal and that is just over nine minutes long.  Part 3 is about a 20 mile trip to the Fowey – that one is 19 minutes long and finally Part 4 which is the trip to the Helford – that is 12 minutes long.  The links to the low bandwidth  versions are in the navigation on the right hand side of the page. KTL 13.

The delivery trip journey is split into two 30 minute episodes – each of those will be free for the 144 x 256 low bandwidth versions and are on the right hand side as KTL 14.

If you want the high bandwidth version of this film then this paypal link will take you to the 4K version of this page in three clicks.   If you lose the page, or accidentally close it , then you should be able to find it in your browser history. The 4K page has a 4K version to stream from viemo or three different sizes to download it in a range of different sizes.



$1 to download or stream in 4K


I am reasonably confident that the mechanics of this idea will work – it gets you to the Hd version of the film in about three clicks. It is not as easy as youtube – sorry about that. It is  easier than stuffing DVDs into Jiffy bags.

Please email me on [email protected] if the mechanics of this fail.  I am an old bloke and coding is meticulous and extremely dull work.

If all you want to do is to find out what happened then here is the full 15 minute part one as  a low bandwidth version – it looks good(ish) on a smart phone.

If this works I will buy a warm boat for scotland




$1 to download or stream in 4K




01-HAIRY-BOTTOM 01-LILY-m-ASHORE 01-mirror-offshore-with-legs 01-mobo 06-fishing-smack 06-twin-bows 06-big-yacht 06-clinker-yacht 06-current-on-the-fal 06-ellen-crace 06-fal-ferry 06-FAL-CASTLE 06-FAL-FISHERMEN-START-WORK 06-fishing-smack-leaning-on-wall-boom-out 06-GREAT-SHAME 06-HAND-REELERS-AT-WORK 06-house-boat 06-lovely-barge 06-MAINSAIL 06-mud-that-glistens 06-mylor-creek 06-mylore-tender 06-Percuil-shoreline 06-STRONG-GUST 06-Tealight-heating-still-S1720087 06-strider-cat 06-ROWERS-IN-SUNRISE 06-Percuil 06-the-crab-S1640012 06-THE-FLEET-IN-STRONG-WINDS 06-trees-2 06-trees 06-twsited-oaks-on-the-fal 06-working-boat-blue 06-working-boats 06-WORKING-FISHERMAN 06-WORKING-FISHERMEN-IN-DISTANCE 06-WORKING-FISHERMEN M06-mylor-gaffer P1120087 S1640011 S1660041-bird S1690043 S1700021 S1720040-yard S1720041-yard S1720044-twin-keel S1720048-live-aboard S1720045-stored-boats S1720056-mobo S1720058-sterns S1720066 S1730038


This is about KTL 13 The West Country Rivers.

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