KTL 15 West of Scotland – Slate Islands and Loch Etive

The Slate Islands are probably the most astonishing place I have been to on my journey around the UK. I hope to return and do some more filming there one day.


How old Cowper navigated them in his engineless 30 tonner I have no idea.

I take my hat off to you Frank - wherever you are.

The dollar per flm appears to be working.

Which is nice.

It seems like good way to go. I am comfortable with it - and so are  most of the regulars. It takes the doubt awaay about what to pay. fewer people are watching but more are paying.

Which is fine.


Links via paypal  to two identical versions of the film are here  - one with some smidges of gentle music  and one all natural acoustic recorded on location .

Click on the paypal button and paypal will  direct you to the web page with the 4K film on it and access to a downloand button

No quibble moneyback guarantee at any time shoud my coding let us all down - [email protected]

I hope you enjoy them.

here with no music

$1 to download or stream in 4K


here with some music

$1 to download or stream in 4K

In the meantime... and for those with no paypal ...here is a short teaser and some snaps

Keep-Turning-Left-15a-The-slate-islands-in-4-K-Still-01-at-anchor Keep-Turning-Left-15b-The-slate-islands-in-4-K-Still003-Cullerpool-nice-arse Keep-Turning-Left-15-The-slate-islands-in-4-K-Still004-cullerpool Keep-Turning-Left-15-The-slate-islands-in-4-K-Still002-sunset-over-jura Keep-Turning-Left-15-The-slate-islands-in-4-K-Still025-sunset-anchor Keep-Turning-Left-15-The-sound-of-Jura Keep-Turning-Left-15-The-slate-islands-in-4-K-Still005-dunstaffnage-weathering-the-storm Keep-Turning-Left-15-the-falls-of-oconnel Keep-Turning-Left-15-The-slate-islands-in-4-K-Still008-sailing-the-sounds Keep-Turning-Left-15-The-slate-islands-in-4-K-Still009-Loch-Creren-tides Keep-Turning-Left-15-The-slate-islands-in-4-K-Still011-the-bridge-over-etive Keep-Turning-Left-15-The-slate-islands-in-4-K-Still013-loch-etive Keep-Turning-Left-15-The-slate-islands-in-4-K-Still014-loch-etive Keep-Turning-Left-15-The-slate-islands-in-4-K-Still015-tab-roller Keep-Turning-Left-15-The-slate-islands-in-4-K-Still017-pines-in-loch-etive Keep-Turning-Left-15-The-slate-islands-in-4-K-Still018-loch-etive Keep-Turning-Left-15-The-slate-islands-in-4-K-Still019-loch-etive Keep-Turning-Left-15-The-slate-islands-in-4-K-Still020-loch-etive

This is about KTL 15 The West Coast of Scotland, Sailing around Britain.

2 Responses to “KTL 15 West of Scotland – Slate Islands and Loch Etive”

  1. 17 February, 2020 at 10:00 amRichard says:

    Great video Dylan. Know the area well from the land side so it was great to get a perspective from the water. You are a brave man going under Connel bridge and past the Falls of Lora. I have seen some spectacular tide rips around there. What is the air draft of the centaur? According to the chart the bridge clearance is only14 metres so must have been tight.

  2. 17 February, 2020 at 8:23 pmJimmy McGregor says:

    Well I enjoyed that. Best value I’ve had for a pound since the sixties when you could get 5 pints and a pie and still have your bus fare home.

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