KeepTurningLeft Season 2 Film 4 in low def The Lower Deben

The Lower Deben


orwell 4 deben 4 deben 6



Above is a low bandwidth version of the film - designed to look good on a phone.
If you wish to see it in High Def on a decent screen then it will cost you $1.
If you buy the film it is yours in perpetuity, you can download it, give it to a friend or show it at a sailing club, you can chop it up into a new film, you can embed it in a sailing blog or forum or send the url of this page to a friend for him or her to enjoy it as a gift from you. All KTL films cost the same – some are short and some are long. Paypal will send you a link as soon as you click.

My address is Genoa Lodge, Deben Lane, Waldringfield, Suffolk IP12 4QN

$1 to download or stream in HD

This is about KTL 2 : Stour, Orwell, Deben and Ore.

2 Responses to “KeepTurningLeft Season 2 Film 4 in low def The Lower Deben”

  1. 30 May, 2016 at 9:46 pmPhilip Declercq says:

    Dear Dylan,

    I have been watching your videos on Youtube for 2 years now, and I confess that it is of the most enjoyable videoware I ever met.
    You are a very good TV person, BBC or ITV should have hired you a long time ago!
    I also got your message about being a creator of content and not being paid for it properly, therefore you asked your public to merge to YOUR website.
    Good, well done, but…
    I am a TV professional for over 30 years so my comments on your performance are not “free”.
    I am an amateur sailor with a plan to sail over first time to river Deben from the Oosterschelde in Holland this year, which explains my search into more of your video’s, related to my plan.
    I am impatient, expecting too much from our “connected society”, and therefore disappointed by the fact that on your site, video’s don’t open on a click.
    Never mind,
    I’ll find back what I want to watch on Youtube.
    I’m willing to donate something for your most charming work, and if ever I could meet you, I would be delighted. That day I will tell you why.

    Looking forward to your comment related to this message,


    Philip A.J. DECLERCQ Esc.
    S/V Sogno – Wemeldinge

    Les Magnolias
    14/10 Rue des Trois Burettes
    B-1435 Mont St.-Guibert

  2. 31 May, 2016 at 11:34 pmDougie says:

    Dear Dylan, I love you, your work and your spirit. I really hope that you’re just in a bad mood .
    Mr. Declercq doesn’t sound all that bad.


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